Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

The English Court will finance a new AECC project on breast cancer – La Provincia

The English Court has taken another step in its collaboration with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) and therefore will finance a new research project on breast cancer. For this new project, the company is committed to contribute one million euros in the next five years.

The research will focus on personalized immunotherapy and has an estimated duration of three years with two more extensions. The project will be carried out by a multidisciplinary team formed by members of the Clinic hospitals of Barcelona, ​​Doce de Octubre (Madrid), Vall d’Hebron (Barcelona) and the University of Navarra, under the direction of Dr. Aleix Prat.

This new study, led by the doctor specialized in oncological medicine Aleix Prat, consists in activating the patient’s own immune system. To activate it, there are numerous types of approaches, from drugs to a more personalized type of treatment called Adoptive Cell Therapy or TCA. It is a type of immunotherapy that in its most general form consists of isolating the cells of the patient’s own immune system and manipulating them in the laboratory and then returning them to the patient through a transfusion to attack the cancer.


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