The English Benjamin Brereton gives the victory to Chile and sinks Bolivia

La Roja players celebrate their goal in Chile - Bolivia.

La Roja players celebrate their goal in Chile - Bolivia.

Chile prevailed by the minimum in an intense game this Friday against Bolivia thanks to a lone goal from the striker Benjamin Brereton, in a meeting of the second day of group A of the America Cup that is disputed in Brazil. La Roja thus achieved its first victory in the competition and adds 4 points in total after the tie of the first day against Argentina (1-1) while Bolivia added its second defeat after having lost in its debut against Paraguay 3-1 and begins to run out of chances to qualify for the quarterfinals.

The goal of the game came early, at 10 minutes and in the second arrival of those led by Martín Lasarte, in a counterattack where striker Eduardo Vargas ended up assisting the Chilean-British tip of Blackburn Rovers who, after eluding a Bolivian defender, defined without problems the left post of the La Verde goalkeeper .

Goalkeeper Carlos Lampe had a very active first half, rejecting the attacks of the Chilean team that bombarded his goal with five shots in the first quarter of an hour. Bolivia, for its part, practically did not pass half the field during most of the first half and Bravo was a mere spectator of the Game development.

La Roja, along the same lines, had about 45 first minutes totally favorable for its tactical proposal, with good possession and offensive elaboration capacity that ended up generating multiple chances in front of the goal. At 14 minutes, Ben Brereton himself had an accurate header that reached the hands of Carlos Lampe, at that point one of the party figures due to the large number of stops that he also starred against the powerful shots of the Chilean winger Jean Meneses , which was animated a few times.

Everything changed in the second half. Chile fell asleep and Bolivia opted for a more offensive game in search of a favorable result. La Verde was better in the outcome but was not enough to equalize the score.

At 56 minutes, midfielder Arturo Vidal lost a ball near the Bolivian area and La Verde rearmed a counterattack from Juan Carlos Arce's feet, which enabled Erwin Saavedra to finish off a strong shot that was cleared by Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo.

César Farías's team generated more opportunities but it was not enough to distribute points against the Chilean squad at the Arena Pantanal Stadium in Cuiabá.


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