January 20, 2021

The energy of women – The Province

The energy of women - The Province

Working woman in the energy sector.

A few months ago Enerclub was inauguratedSpanish Association of Women of Energy, AEMENER. The event was attended by 200 people, of whom90% were women(the opposite to the usual in this sector). The comment of one of the men present was: "Now I understand how you feel."

And, in Spain, one of the countries most involved in the fight for equality, theEnergy industry is one of the most unequal sectorsin the participation of women. "When a review is made of how the panels or seminars are made up in the sector, they are usually formed by many more men than women, a small percentage of women are part of the Boards of Directors of the energy companies, as well as CEOS. Yonly 14% of the managers of the 200 largest electricity companies in the world are women", he warned at that momentTeresa Ribera,current minister for the Ecological Transition. And he added: "They are a very scarce representation for something so important in social development, welfare and economy, everything touches energetic matter and it has to be corrected to give it that visibility".

Equality Plan of Naturgy

The companies of the sector have been working for years to achieve the longed for change in a sector so masculinized and it seems that the results begin to be seen. In the recentGeneral Meeting of Shareholders of Naturgy, its executive president,Francisco Reynés, referred to the increase in two percentage points over the previous year of the presence of women in the company. In 2013, the company established aEquality PlanAt the corporate level, part of 14 strengths to be maintained and 14 weaknesses to be corrected identified by an external expert, which gave rise to 32 actions in the areas of communication and awareness, culture andleadership, development and promotion, retribution, flexibility andconciliation, selection,prevention of harassment, measurement and monitoring.

"After intense years of work begin to see changes in a sector as masculinized as energy, by the type of work that historically have played"

The creation and activation of aspecific protocol against harassment, the protocol of good practices in the selection process, which requires to include at least one woman, or the communication guide for business professionals who must intervene for some reason in a selection process are some of the measures put in place. march byNaturgythat, along with theComprehensive Diversity Plan of 2015, have led to significant progress in terms of diversity and equality.

As a result of this commitment,32% of women currently hold executive positions, compared to 21% that did it a year before. This approach has also resulted in women promoting in the company an average of two years before in middle management and six months before in management team compared to the rest of the groups.

Awareness and training

In any change, theeducation. Therefore, Naturgy has developed a specific training plan on equality issues for the entire staff and has published the so-calledDecalogue of Gender Equalityapplicable in the management of equipment, to eradicate sexist language and change internal procedures.

For directors and sub-directors, the company has designed awareness and training programs,"Take the Lead"Y"Become visible", to promote an active and inclusive leadership in the organization, supporting them to develop their personal brand and empowering them in their role within the organization.

These initiatives were winners in the category "Best practice for cultural transformation in Diversity and Inclusion", in the second edition of the Diversity and Inclusion Awards (D & I) of the Adecco Foundation and the Excellence in Sustainability Club, a distinction that recognizes the work of large companies for their strategic vision, impact within the organization , and innovation of its corporate diversity programs.

In short, Naturgy works to integrate and take advantage of the richness of diversity, operating with a logic of talent and beyond quotas, with a commitment to equality as a lever of management.


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