The end of the Ray-Albacete will be played behind closed doors after the cries of "Nazi" Zozulya - La Provincia

The second part of the meeting Ray Vallecano-Albacete, corresponding to the twentieth day of LaBiga SmartBank, will be played behind closed doors on a date to be fixed, the franjirrojo club must pay a fine of 18,000 euros and the Vallecas stadium is partially closed for two games for the chants spoken against the player of the Manchego team Roman Zozulya.

This was agreed by the Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) after the postponement of the match, with a goalless draw (0-0), on December 15 before the start of the second half due to the display of banners and the songs delivered by a sector of the local fans against Zozulya.

In its resolution, Competition decides to propose a fine of 18,000 euros because he considers that the Ray "was not able to collaborate effectively" in the repression of violent behavior, just as he did not identify the authors of the songs or have taken measures against them, according to the ruling.

For this reason, said committee agreed to the closure of that sector of the Vallecas stadium from which chants were uttered as'You are a nazi'and the banners against the Albacete player were displayed. It also gives a period of three days to The league to send a report and urges the clubs to propose a date for the second part of the meeting in the same period of time.

It should be remembered that the fans of Rayo frustrated the signing of the Ukrainian striker in 2017 for his disagreement with the ideology of the player. Is the first time in Spain that a match has been suspended for chants that attempt against a soccer player.


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