The end of the mask resists

The Canary Islands and the rest of the Spanish regions live today the first day without the mandatory use of the mask in outdoor spaces. In the capital of Gran Canaria, passers-by have left very varied prints, although a large part of them have chosen to continue covering their faces to reduce the chances of contracting Covid-19.

The population of the Canary Islands once again shows a smile in the streets after the entry into force of the decree that allows dispensing with the mask in these scenarios, as long as an interpersonal distance of at least 1.5 meters can be maintained. The Archipelago, like the rest of the Spanish regions, is experiencing today the first day without the mandatory use of this resource outdoors, after 48 days. However, in the capital of Gran Canaria, passers-by left very varied prints from the morning. In fact, there were many who chose to continue using it. “I am going to continue wearing the mask because I live with my grandparents and I feel calmer. Despite the fact that the chances of contagion are lower outdoors, I prefer not to take unnecessary risks," said Clara Rodríguez, a 27-year-old woman who took advantage of her day off this Thursday to do some shopping on Calle Mayor de Triana, a one of the busiest in the city.

For Carmen Rosa del Pino, on the other hand, the fact of not having to wear a mask while walking is "a liberation". "I think it's a wonderful decision. What I consider ridiculous is having to be on the street with a mask and that in bars you can eat and drink with other people who sit practically next to you ", valued this 58-year-old woman.

At his side was Marta Ramírez, 79, who acknowledged feeling "safer" by using the mask, despite being in an open space. “I only take it off when I go out for coffee with my friends. Although I am vaccinated with all three doses, I feel better this way », she pointed out.

Like every day at 12 noon, Carmen Cabrera went for a walk with her dog in the San Telmo park before starting her workday. «She was already tired of having to be with the mask in the park. I think the Government was wrong when it declared it mandatory again, because really on the street we can walk quietly without it and breathe normally, ”said this 34-year-old personal trainer, who will receive the reinforcement puncture today.

Juan Carlos Martín is another of those who clings to the mask to avoid contracting SARS-CoV-2 infection and other viruses that affect the respiratory tract. “I am 65 years old and I have always had all the necessary vaccines, not only those indicated against Covid, but I have to admit that I am still afraid to take off my mask on the street,” confessed the sixty-year-old. "If I were younger, maybe I'd take it off," he continued, "but at this age you have to be more careful."

María Asunción Suárez, 74, is one of the people who prefers to continue doing her daily activities outdoors with a mask on. “There are many of us who are going to continue going out on the street with a mask. I think there is still time for the pandemic to end and I want to be as protected as possible," she said.

"I'm going to keep wearing it because I live with my grandparents," says a 27-year-old


The other side of the coin is put by María Gómez, who valued the approval of the decree very positively. "That thing of breathing the same air all the time, I don't see it," she said smiling. “I am not against the mask, far from it,” she clarified, “but it was already necessary to relax its use on the street because this virus is going to stay among us and sooner or later normality will have to be restored.”

Aware that the pandemic has radically changed her life and that of the entire population, this 75-year-old woman confessed to having friends whom she has not been able to see since the arrival of the coronavirus. “Some suffer from illnesses and we have not met for two years. The different waves of the virus have been adding more and more infections, so we cannot be entirely sure even with the mask on », she noted with resignation.

It must be remembered that it was on June 26 when the Islands were freed for the first time from the mandatory use of the mask in outdoor spaces, after 45 weeks. However, the sixth attack of the pathogen led the Government to recover its use, a decision that was adopted on December 22 during the extraordinary Conference of Presidents. The measure came into force two days later and remained valid until Wednesday.

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