June 21, 2021

The end of the Airbus 380 will affect between 400 and 500 jobs in Spain

The end of the Airbus 380 will affect between 400 and 500 jobs in Spain


The suppression of the program of the giant aircraft A380 It will affect between 400 and 500 employees in the different plants of the aeronautical constructor Airbus in Spain in the next three years, the company said Tuesday. A spokesman for the group told Efe that this does not mean that they are going to be "dismissed," although he said that "it depends on the negotiations that are going to start now with the unions."

Airbus is confident that the acceleration of the manufacturing rate of other models, especially the A320 and the A350, will allow them to offer alternative solutions for relocation within the group. "The objective of the company is to relocate them," the spokesperson insisted, adding that there are 12,000 employees annually who change jobs in the group, which offers "numerous possibilities for internal mobility".

At the same time, the group undertook to implement specific reconversion programs "to facilitate relocation between functions and projects". Airbus met on Tuesday in Toulouse to its European Works Committee to inform you of the consequences for the staff abandonment due to lack of orders for the largest aircraft in its range from 2021.

In total, between 3,000 and 3,500 workers will be affected for this decision, less than 3% of the Airbus workforce, the group said in a statement. Of them, about 1,300 are operators and about 2,100 perform administrative tasks, he said.

Germany and France will be the most affected countries, with between 1,100 and 1,200 positions in each, followed by the United Kingdom, where between 500 and 600 employees will stop working on the giant plane.

Airbus presented the A380 program roadmap to the unions, of which 17 aircraft remain to be delivered to customers, in addition to the services that must be provided to the airlines that currently operate them. The company aspires to a "gradual transition of serial production with an industrial adaptation and of purchases" and with the maintenance "of the support in service during the next years".

On February 14, Airbus announced that in 2021 it would stop manufacturing the A380, a program launched in 2000 to compete with US rival Boeing, but which did not arouse enough demand to justify its continuity.


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