June 21, 2021

The end of A380 will affect between 400 and 500 jobs in Spain

The end of A380 will affect between 400 and 500 jobs in Spain

The end of the A380 program is seen on the horizon. The "superjumbo" will stop being manufactured from 2021, and with it, some 3,500 jobs will cease their activity. Of them, between 400 and 500 are in Spain. Airbus management today revealed this information during the meeting with the European works council in the context of talks with the social partners to address the transition of the A380 program, which has yet to deliver 17 aircraft of that model, and the redistribution of employees who depend on him and that represents 3% of the company's workforce.

In a statement, the aeronautical consortium recalls that about 12,000 Airbus employees change jobs each year and that the current increase in production of single-aisle aircraft and the large volume of orders for wide-cabin aircraft "offer a good number of internal mobility opportunities ». Thus, the firm trusts that the new orders of Emirates for other models, 40 A330-900 aircraft and 30 A350-900 aircraft, and the increase of the production of the A320 program will result in a reinsertion of the affected workers. In addition, the company will launch specific services for the reconversion of skills, aimed at supporting "even more" the relocation in different functions and programs

The 3,500 workers are divided into four countries of the European Union: between 500 and 600 employees in the United Kingdom; from 400 to 500 in Spain, between 1,100 and 1,200 in Germany and between 1,100 and 1,200 employees in France.

The inter-center committee of Airbus Spain already met on February 15 with the company's management in our country, meeting in which they demanded a global industrial plan that allows transfer workers involved in the A380 to other programs to "absorb the excess of jobs "when it stops manufacturing, to other programs that have demand such as the A320 or the A350, or even military. It must be remembered that the weight of the A380's production has been easing in recent years, while other projects such as the A320 and the A350 have gained importance.


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