July 29, 2021

The EMT of Valencia denounces a fraud of 4 million and involves the head of administration

The Municipal Transport Company (EMT) of Valencia has denounced to the Police a fraud amounting to 4 million euros in which the person responsible for the administration area of ​​the company is involved, which has been dismissed this Friday.

The EMT has reported that it has been the victim of this fraud, which as soon as it has learned of it has brought it to the attention of the Police, which in turn has opened an investigation to clarify the alleged crime, as explained by the managing director of the company, Josep Enric García Alemany, in an urgent press appearance.

The municipal company was aware of the events on Monday afternoon and the next morning filed a complaint at the police station. From that moment until Thursday afternoon he has collected information to provide more information to the complaint.

Given that a police investigation is open, the managing director has indicated that he cannot offer more information about the facts, although he has specified that the fraud is only involved, so it has been possible to determine so far, a single employee, the responsible for the administration area.

This person had a long career in office, and has been fired this morning.

The management of the EMT has urgently convened a meeting of the Board of Directors for this afternoon to inform the directors of the situation.

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