July 25, 2021

The employers of the ETT warns against the proliferation of fraudulent job offers




The employers’ association of Temporary Employment Agencies and Employment Agencies (Unemployment) has warned in a statement against the proliferation of fraudulent job offers for several weeks. Some practices that «They have been expanding their radius of action, above all, in social networks and job portals ”and for what they have asked strengthen bid supervision mechanisms that are published on job portals.

Specifically, according to this business organization, companies’ probably of foreign origin, using names and logos of Temporary Employment Agencies and authorized Employment Agencies, they attract candidates through attractive offers ». The goal would be to commit all kinds of scams through these channels.

“There are several channels where this type of practice has become extensive. Social networks and job portals they are the most common and, in addition, the most used, “Asempleo pointed out in his note. In this sense, they have warned that the aforementioned media are also the most exposed to this type of scams, whose existence has been reported to the Cybersecurity Units of the State Security Forces and Bodies.

In this sense, from this employer’s association they have defended that the companies that are part of Asempleo are covered by “A strict Code of Ethics of Good Practices” and called for, in this difficult situation, all actors in the labor market to strive to “reinforce and guarantee occupational safety and health” as well as to offer “Greater control and enforcement of workers’ rights.” Along these lines, they have asked to consider “reinforcing the verification mechanisms” of the offers published on the job portals

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