May 17, 2021

The employees of the Naval confirm that the company dismisses them on the 17th "yes or yes"

The employees of the Naval confirm that the company dismisses them on the 17th "yes or yes"

The workers of the shipyard La Naval de Sestao, currently in the File of Extinction of Employment (ERE), have explained today that the next day 17 the consultation period finishes and that the company already has communicated to them that they will be dismissed "yes or yes" .

Several dozen workers from La Naval gathered today in front of the Euskalduna Palace, in Bilbao, where Iñigo Urkullu intervened in an economic forum, in order to hold an interview with the Lehendakari to convey his concerns, but he was already inside the palace when They arrived at 8.30.

The president of the works council, Pedro González, described the situation as "critical, we had the third meeting of the ERE of extinction, we have two more, and yes or yes we have been told that the 17th is the end of the consultation period and on the 17th we go home, with or without agreement ", he summarized.

"We have been told that they are still working with investors, but that in the liquidation period we are not going to give names, and Van Oord – the owner of the dredge whose hull is made in the shipyard – already said that without an investor future was not going to approach the Naval, "added Gonzalez.

Since the central and Basque governments met with the committee more than three weeks ago, there have been no contacts with the executives, explained the committee secretary, Juanjo Llordén. "They had to face with shame, they promised us that in two weeks they would give us another meeting and four have passed without any answer", has reproached Llordén.

The committee explained that the company "wants to pay compensation, but we do not want to agree on the money and get fired, but an investor arrives, the company wants to fire us first and then the investor arrives".


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