The emotional Twitter message of Joan Barreda after the death of his friend Paulo Gonçalves in the Dakar

"I still can't believe this happened"

The entire family of the Dakar 2020 is shocked by the death of one of its members. The death of Paulo Gonçalves has been a very fat stick for the rest of his teammates. One of them, Joan Barreda, was very excited to reach the goal and find out the news. In fact, he wrote some nice words to his partner on Twitter.

The Spanish said that he still could not believe what happened and thanked her for how much Paulo had taken care of him for hours and hours in the desert in the last editions of the Dakar.

The direction of the race is considering that motorcycle competitors do not make the stage of this Tuesday as a sign of mourning and for the low morale of all of them after what happened.


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