July 30, 2021

The emotional tribute to Luis Aragones

The emotional tribute to Luis Aragones

To remember Luis Aragonés is to remember one of the best moments of the National Team and the beginning of the happiest period that Spanish football has experienced. That is why in Las Rozas more than one tear has escaped when they have projected "Luis, the wise man of success", the documentary of the coach who led the group to Euro 2008 in the bus that led the group after of winning the Vienna final and after confirming that he was leaving because he had not felt supported by the directors, he launched a prophecy, as perhaps only the wise can do: "This is the best group I've ever had. We have won a European Championship, but you can win a World Cup ». Two years later, with Vicente del Bosque on the bench, it was fulfilled.

Luis was undoubtedly the leader of that wardrobe and his main mission during the stay in Innsbruck, where the National Team was concentrated, was to transmit to the players the enthusiasm and faith that he had. "If I'm not in the final with this team, I'm a shit, I've organized a piece of equipment," he told them and he also repeated a strange phrase, perhaps grammatically incorrect, but full of meaning at that moment so exciting for the footballers and fans: «Now is to love». Once Spain had found the way to play, which had managed to form a well-matched and compact group; once the group stage had been passed and Italy had been eliminated in the quarters, now, more than football, it was a question of conviction, of head, a matter of believing. For that reason, the shout of the players before leaving to the field, with all the joined hands was: "One, two three, to win, to win and to win".

"It is a documentary that should be mandatory to know the history of our football," said Sergio Ramos, who was on that champion team and today is the captain of the National Team. The central Real Madrid, then right side, had their more and less with the coach during that concentration. I asked him to focus, to exploit his qualities to the maximum. It is clear that he did it. Luis's relatives came to the presentation of the documentary, among them his son: "You made a 70-year-old man younger," he told the players. «Luis is very difficult to define. I have not met anyone who imposes so much respect and at the same time so much tenderness, "Luis Rubiales defined the coach.


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