March 4, 2021

The emotional farewell of Carmen del Valle to Arturo Fernández, her theatrical "couple"

We are in Bilbao, it is March 17, we continue on tour, filling up where we are going, prolonging the comedy again and again because there are no localities and people do not want to stop seeing you once again. That public of whom you have always said that you owe what little or much you are, that audience that every day, when the curtain rises, cheers you and when you finish you stand up, every day, in every city, in every theater. And you look at me with the face of a surprised child, but have you seen something like it? I smile: "I will not see it", I tell myself.

Like every day, you arrive two hours before, you sit in the stalls, because you breathe theater to live, and you stay scrutinizing every detail of the set. Your audience always deserves the best …

I arrive with Mika, your infinite love to dogs … It's time to comment on the day, life … always surrounded by the family, wonderful and present, and your friends who are already part of it … Lately you're a little dazed , the bad health of the 90s, but it's only a blip.

You have to give your best on stage and if Gabi, Cesar or Don Juan do not hurt anything, neither will you.

I am absorbed, excited, I see you so handsome, so gallant. You keep making me laugh from the first show, you're always alive up there. I have so much to learn … Your vocation and your enthusiasm are still intact.

I fell the curtain in Bilbao, and I can only feel grateful and happy to have you on my way.

I love you infinitely.

Carmen Del Valle

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