The Emmys will allow you to do without gender to become more inclusive

The Emmys become more inclusive and allow you to dispense with gender.

The Emmys become more inclusive and allow you to dispense with gender.

The upcoming Emmy Awards, which are awarded annually by the Academy of Television and Arts in the United States, will be more inclusive and will allow the nominated actors or actresses use only the term "interpreter".

These are some of the changes announced by the Academy in a statement after being agreed by the institution's board of governors.

Nominated actors or actresses may be recognized as "interpreter artists or executants", explains the organization.

From "now -adds-, the nominees and (or) winners in any category of interpreter entitled "actor" or "actress" they may request that their certificate of nomination and the Emmy statuette bear the term "Performer" instead of actor or actress.

The decision is known after the San Sebastián Film Festival announced the abolition of gender distinction in the performance award and its replacement by the Silver Shells for the best lead and cast performance, which in both cases may be granted ex aequo.

"The change is due to the conviction that gender, a social and political construction, ceases to be a criterion of distinction in performance for us. The criterion for the jury will be to distinguish between bad or good performances, thus joining the path already started by our friends from the Berlin Festival ", highlighted the head of the Spanish contest, José Luis Rebordinos.

The Emmy Awards, which were first delivered in 1949, annually recognize the best work done for the TV.


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