"The emergency has not disappeared with the pandemic"

Youth for Climate is reorganizing for the next global strike over the climate crisis on September 24. "After this strange year and a half, the climate crisis is more urgent, it has not disappeared with the pandemic," said activist Greta Thunberg in a virtual press conference with Youth for Climate activists from all continents.

Young people reactivate pressure on governments to fight climate crisis, overshadowed by pandemic

Young people reactivate pressure on governments to fight the climate crisis

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The COVID-19 pandemic has not slowed the progress of climate change. The concentration of greenhouse gases has grown in the first half of 2021 and emissions of CO2, nitrous oxide or methane return to the record levels of 2019, according to the latest joint assessment prepared by the World Meteorological Agency, UN-Environment and Global Carbon Project.

Five activists from different countries have called for a follow-up to the strike and have warned that their movement has not disappeared either and that it is more "intersectional" than ever. The strike, called for next Friday, will feature actions in the streets around the world to once again pressure governments to act one year after the last call.

This time it takes place two days before the German elections, whose polls give the Social Democratic candidate as the favorite after 16 years with the Conservatives in the Government, and two months before the Glasgow Climate Summit, postponed more than a year by the outbreak of COVID-19. Thunberg has not confirmed his attendance at the appointment. Gabriel Klaasen, the spokesperson for African Climate Alliance, from South Africa, has taken the opportunity to denounce that inequality in access to the vaccine will not allow the most disadvantaged countries to be equally represented at the summit.

"People are waking up, they are aware that something is not going well, and I find that hopeful, but governments and companies are not doing enough," said Thunberg, who has insisted that we must not lose sight of that "some countries have more responsibility but capital than others" in the climate crisis. "Unite, we need support," asked Dohyeon Kim of Youth 4 Climate Action, from South Korea.

The most recent scientific assessment by the International Panel of Experts, the IPCC, confirmed a month ago that no region, no population and no sea on Earth is any longer safe from the damage caused by climate change today. Rising sea levels, heat waves, droughts and storms "unprecedented in centuries" are "unequivocally" associated with human activities that cause global warming.

Young people have recalled that we are still far from meeting the objectives of the Paris Agreement of 2015. "Unless there is an immediate and large-scale cut in emissions, it would be impossible to limit warming to 1.5ºC," he warned in the same line the Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, to know the results of the report.


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