January 24, 2021

The elics propose to claim to Madrid the electric savings they generate – La Provincia

The elics propose to claim to Madrid the electric savings they generate - La Provincia

In just two years, the Canary Islands has almost tripled the consumption of energy fromwind turbines, going from 7 to about 20%. However, the wind energy promoters of the Islands warn that, despite the current development of renewables, it will still "take time" for users to perceive in thebills of lightthe economic cheapening that entails its use.

Asavingin production that the employer of the sector considers to claim to the central Government so that it has direct repercussions and as soon as possible in the pockets of the citizens.

Not in vain, currently, 600 of the 1.2 billionextra costthat supports the Canarian electrical system is covered by theState's general budgetsand the remaining half is distributed on the bill paid by all Spaniards. In this sense, Ernesto Pérez, first president of the Aeolian Association of the Canary Islands (Aeolican), defends that replacing fossil fuel with wind to generate electricity, represents an economic saving that would have to affect the Canary Islands. A bonus that "we should be able to claim for the effort we are making among all, both consuming our territory and making investments" in wind farms, says Pérez.

The current president of this association, Rafael Martell, underlines that in the Canary Islands this energy is not only cheaper than any other source of generation but, in addition, the sector creates stable employment in all the Islands. According to the employer's own estimates, for each megawatt installed, two direct jobs are created.

According to Martell, the rapid increase in wind energy consumption experienced in the archipelago in the last two years is due to the installation of mills with modern technology that allow better use of the wind. For what he regrets that the regulations and, above all, civil aviation, do not allow repowering the oldest wind farms that are occupying the most privileged enclaves. In coming dates "there will be an auction with the time horizon in 2022, which will mean a certain wind break in the Islands", explains the head of Aeolican, "but in three years the next step will be taken, provided that the system can assume all the energy generated, for which some type of storage must be included, "he explains.

Finally, Martell stresses that the conditions that wind turbines of the Islands usually present, like any type of machinery, "are not significant".

The head of the Group's energy efficiencySatocan, Inmaculada Aguilar, explains that the tourism sector, the main engine of the economy of the archipelago, strives to increase its competitiveness. To this end, among other measures, they are implementing technologies that allow reducing the energy bill, the second highest budget item in the sector after that of the personnel. "Renewable energy adds value to our tourism offer, makes us more competitive and, in addition, foreign tourists value the use of these energy sources a lot," he says.


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