Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

The eleven of Real Madrid de Zidane against Celta

Two days left for Real Madrid to start the season and the feeling is that Zidane arrives at the first League game with too many unsolved questions, as if he was not at all clear what pattern he wants for the team, as if, in addition, he was not sure what is best to get the most out of the template he has. The preseason has no value and is probably not indicative of what the future will be: it serves to get ready, to make tests and to make the latest decisions before getting serious, but it is also true that he has left sensations found inside the dressing room and the idea that the plan that Zidane promised the previous campaign has not been closed.

Vigo, the day after tomorrow, is the starting point and the Frenchman has to make some decisions on fundamental issues to confidently face a season in which titles are required or at least fight for them until the last breath.

The first step is to know what system the party will face. The coach says that it depends on the match, the rival, the available players and that there will be nothing fixed, but that it will change according to the circumstances. After the defeat against Atletico, Zidane surprised with a system of five defenses, or five midfielders: three central and two side with long travel. The test was good in the first match against Salzburg and disappointing the minutes that took place in the field of Rome. Look for Zidane more protection as well, and that the sides, fundamental for his way of playing, have less travel and get less tired, but it does not give the impression that the team has assimilated the system well, as if he still lacks minutes of work to dock The problem is that he no longer has time. It seems rather a resource for specific situations than a constant way of playing. In his first time Zidane bet a lot on 4-3-3, although sometimes it varied.

The system depends on the eleven you want to carry out. More or less, the positions for the Vigo match are clear: Courtois in the goal; the usual defense (if he plays with four back), with the modification of Odriozola instead of the sanctioned Carvajal. The center of the field is for Modric, Kroos and Casemiro, that is, the machine room for which the Frenchman has always bet and who has not wanted to play. Until now, Zizou has been conservative in that area. And that is precisely where more doubts come in. It is not clear yet if Isco is his man to be a starter; Or you can bet on Valverde or if Vinicius finally convinces you. Zidane has not made it clear in the matches that the team has played and gives the impression that he will not make a final decision on that matter. Top Benzema and Hazard.

Because it is not clear that the squad that starts the championship tomorrow will be the same as the one that starts in September. Zidane opted for Pogba as his main signing, but the negotiation with Manchester United has been useless. The English club has not wanted to listen to Real Madrid and thus it has been impossible to reach any agreement or try to lower the 180 million that say they were requested from England.

The Van de Beek thing can be done if Zidane finishes giving the ok and there would be one more man for that area. And then there are the exits. Bale's future is uncertain, although he grabs Real Madrid and doesn't let go. For James there has not been an offer that convinces and Mariano is still determined to continue. We will have to see what happens in the remaining weeks.

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