March 6, 2021

The 'elevator rapist' is found unconscious in his cell next to a farewell note

Pedro Luis Gallego Fernández, known as the 'elevator rapist', has been found unconscious next to a farewell note in his cell in the prison center of Herrera de la Mancha (Ciudad Real), prison sources have informed Europa Press.

A spokesman for Penitentiary Institutions, an agency under the Ministry of Interior, has confirmed that the preventive prisoner released in November 2013 after the repeal of the Parot Doctrine materialized has been transferred to a prison and that the case is supervised by the prison inspection.

The 'elevator rapist' is preventively admitted to an ordinary Herrera de la Mancha module under the supervision of an accompanying prisoner. Last June, the Madrid Prosecutor's Office requested 96 years in prison for the rape of two women and the frustrated attempt of two others who managed to flee their captor in the vicinity of the Madrid Hospital of La Paz. The trial is scheduled to be held this October.

Penitentiary sources have indicated that the prisoner was found around eight o'clock this Monday unconscious and lying on the floor of his cell. The accompanying inmate explained to the officials that they had been talking until about half past one this past morning. After a first observation of the prison doctor, he has been transferred to a hospital.

The first signs suggest that the 'elevator rapist' consumed some kind of pill or substance to self-injure. His state of health is serious. Gallego Fernández was applied the anti-suicide protocol – which implies permanent surveillance from a bulkhead – until last January, a protocol that was active since his last imprisonment on June 16, 2017.


The prisoner has a broad criminal record as he had previously been convicted of two crimes of murder and several of rape. On this occasion, the prosecutor accuses him of two crimes of illegal detention; two crimes of continued sexual assault; two crimes of injuries; and crime of robbery with violence.

In June 2017, he was arrested on charges of new sexual assaults after being released in 2013 after serving part of the sentence for the murder of the minor Leticia Lebrato and 18 other crimes of sexual assault.

The defendant will be tried on October 3 at the Provincial Court of Madrid. His 'modus operandi' was to kidnap his victims at gunpoint in an area near La Paz Hospital. Then he took them to Segovia to sexually assault them and returned them to the place of the rapture by car.

Pedro Luis Gallego was a serial rapist released in November 2013 after the repeal of the Parot Doctrine – which reduced prison time retroactively – on his actions between the 70s and 90s. Gallego had not been monitored by the Police since his release.

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