The electricity bill will rise by around 4% in April – The Province

The electricity bill will rise by around 4% in April - The Province

The Minister for the Ecological Transition,Teresa Ribera, ruled out this Monday to extend thetemporary suspension of the 7% tax on electric power generationfrom next April, sincethe current government "does not have the capacity to maneuver"for it.

This will mean aincrease in the invoice of the light of around 4% already in April.

Speaking to the press after participating in the presentation of the Report on Comparative Climatic Laws of the Elcano Royal Institute, Ribera indicated that the suspension of the tax ends this month and stressed that the current government "has no capacity for maneuver in the remainder of the legislature". its extension.

Last October, between the measures of shock in the face of the rise in the price of light experienced after last summer,the Government approved a Royal Decree-Law that incorporated the suspension for six monthsof the 7% tax on electricity generation, approved in 2012 by the Government of the PP, for six months, as well as the introduction of an exemption in the Special Tax on Hydrocarbons to gas to deactivate the so-called 'green cent'.

Then, the Government estimated that the adoption of these measures to contain the rise in the price of electricity would havean impact on the receipt of around 4%.

The minister has considered that this measure is part of "that basket" of the energy system taxation update, which she considered to be one of the "two or three critical issues" that remain as tasks to be carried out for a possible next term.

Ribera has indicated that the Government is working on this fiscal reform,although it has indicated that "it is very complex, since there is a crossed taxation, which does not send clear signals and that requires an in-depth review of what is intended, what can be done and how it is monitored over time. "

Along with this tax reform, he said that it will be necessary to address in the future a reform of the functioning of the electricity market and the integration of that new perspective of a much more digitized energy system, "in which storage will be critical".


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