The electricity bill falls almost 3.5% in October - The Province

The electricity bill falls almost 3.5% in October - The Province

Thereceipt of the light has become cheaper this month of 3.46%with respect to September, thus cutting the bullish spiral that had led him to chain six consecutive months of increases.

In particular, the average bill for a domestic consumer this month has been placed in the74.46 euros, about 2.67 euros less than in September. To make a homogeneous calculation, the last day of August and the full month of September were taken into account, since October has 31 days.

Of this amount of the invoice,14.88 euros correspond to the fixed term, 43.67 euros to consumption, 2.99 euros to the electricity tax and 12.92 euros to theVAT, according to data collected by Europa Press from the simulator of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC).

This evolution ofprice of lightcorresponds to the invoice of an average consumer with a contracted power of 4.4 kilowatts (kW) and an annual demand of 3,900 kilowatt hours (kW).

This reduction in electricity prices in October was motivated, mainly, by thefall recorded this month in the average price of the Spanish electricity market,which closed at 65 euros per megawatt hour (MWh), 8.6% cheaper than the 71 euros per MWh that exceeded in September and which represented its highest monthly level since January 2017.

However, despite this drop, with respect to the same month last year, the price increase recorded in October in the receipt of electricity is more than 4.1%, with more than three euros.

In the case ofThe average price of the Spanish electricity market, known as 'pool', the level of October is 14% more expensive than the 56.77 euros per MWh of average that marked a year ago.

Weight of the 'pool' on the receipt of the light

Thewholesale price of electricityhas a weight close to 35% on the final receipt, while around 40% corresponds to tolls and about 25%,VATand the Electricity Tax.

The wholesale market operates in a marginal manner, so that technologies enter in order of cost and the last one to participate, the most expensive one, sets the price for the whole.

The Government froze for 2018, and for the fifth consecutive year,the tolls and electric charges with which consumers pay regulated costs.

To counteract the upward spiral of light in recent months, the Government approved this October a royal decree of urgent measures that includes, among other measures, thesuspension of the 7% tax on electricity generation,approved in 2012 by the previous Executive of the PP, and an exemption of the 'green cent' for the use of gas to produce electricity.


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