The electric social bond may continue to be requested from tomorrow

The electric social bond may continue to be requested from tomorrow


The electric social bond, a discount of up to 40% on the electricity bill from which vulnerable households can benefit, may continue to be requested as of January 1, as reported yesterday by the Ministry for Ecological Transition. Thus, users of the old social bonus who, even fulfilling the criteria, have not renewed the bonus on December 31, do not lose their right to request it.

Once you start 2019, any citizen can process the social bonus at any time and, if you meet the criteria, you can benefit from the reductions of 25% or 40% in the monthly invoice stipulated by the regulations.

The discount applied to the electricity bill is 25% for the consumer considered vulnerable and 40% for those included in the category of severe vulnerable. The reduction is carried out on the power term of the PVPC (regulated tariff) in full and in the term of energy up to a limit of consumption that depends on the category of the family unit.

Access requirements

The households eligible for this measure are those whose income level is equal to or less than 1.5 times the Iprem (Public Indicator of Multiple Effects Income), that is, 11,279.39 euros per year, in the case that there are no minors or there is no family unit. Also entitled to these discounts are the family units with a minor provided that the income is equal to or less than two times the Iprem, 15,039.19 euros per year. If there are two minors, the Iprem level is set at 18,798.98 euros per year.

Large families can apply for assistance regardless of the level of income, and the social bonus is applicable to households in which all members who have income are pensioners for retirement or permanent disability with the minimum benefit in force.

To date, more than one and a half million households have applied for the bonus, of which over one million have already activated it. These households will receive an additional bonus to cover heating costs during the winter. This measure joins the prohibition of cutting off the supply to households receiving the bonus where at least one child under 16 lives; a person with a level of disability of 33% or higher or a person in a situation of dependency in Grade II and III.


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