The electric saw of Liverpool | sports

The electric saw of Liverpool | sports

Football as a danger "The images that shocked the world", called for a time the website of a sports newspaper to presentn video where a team listened to the warrior's harangue of its captain before a game. It happened in Rosario, Argentina. Maxi, the captain of so fascinating History, he was thirteen years old and he was shouting while his companions listened to him embraced, as if the scaffold awaited them. Maxi spoke of the shield, while shaking it as a flag that would inspire them during the battle in the already delirious duel between Newell's and Central. Not a single word about pleasure and well-understood pride placed at the service of the game. 13 years! The images, disseminated as an example of competitiveness, were proof of the educational nonsense that involves coaches to parents. Soccer, well understood, is a crappy drug that we should prohibit minors.

Football as hope. La Liga Promises was held in Arona (Tenerife), a prestigious 7-a-side football tournament for children under 12 years of age. I reconciled with the purity of a football full of hope where he laughs and cries while the winners embrace the losers. They only stop being innocent when they copy the elders (they simulate faults with a suspicious exaggeration, they scream goal by drawing a heart with their hands). But I came away comforted because I saw something authentic in the creative pattern of these guys that were not yet formatted by equalizing trainings. It made me want to shout: "Do not touch them, let them be!". Although it is not necessary. When one of these guys crosses the difficulties victorious and reaches the First Division, we will cross the images of his debut with the one of these days to verify that, whatever we do, they are as they are.

Spotting the old glory. The Premier shines at Christmas for the attachment to tradition, their intense football and the sense of opportunity of good businessmen. On this occasion he imitated Italy, but racism stained the party and the experiment. So the Premier exhibited itself without any competition that would overshadow it and, as we have to be obedient with the present, It is necessary to talk about Liverpool, the team of the moment. He has a winning but not rapacious ambition, and a noble game with a rock rhythm that reflects the optimistic and expressive personality of his coach. They press in the middle of the field with the efficiency of an electric saw, splitting the rivals in two. Especially in Anfield, where the fans feed the energy of the mountains during the ninety minutes with a mad insistence of enthusiasm and own who, knowing the glory, is hungry behind titles.

Pragmatic and fun! Alisson is a reliable goalkeeper bought at the forward price. It has its logic: Liverpool knows well that the successes and mistakes of a goalkeeper are of value goal. Virgil Van Dijk, with his imposing presence and the serenity of the cracks, settled the defense. Although he already incorporated a certain pause to his game, the team is unstoppable when, after recovery, he quickly searches for two projectiles that pretend to be extreme, but constantly flee from the band to find the goal. Salah is the best, with his short and light step of beach bird, the ball stuck to the foot and deciding between the dribble, the pass or the shot, with less doubts than a bullet. Mané has less nuances, but a similar decision to look for the goal without going by the branches. Among them moves Firmino, which combines a talent of strategist with another of predator. In a football so volatile and after losing with the City, The question remains: how far will the team's moment be?

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