July 25, 2021

The electric reduction agreed between PNV and PP benefits 1,250 companies in six communities | Economy

The electric reduction agreed between PNV and PP benefits 1,250 companies in six communities | Economy

A total of 1,250 companies from six autonomous communities are already benefiting from the change in electricity rates that has come into force after the agreement sealed between the Government of the PP and the PNV in 2017 and which was incorporated in 2017 into the General State Budgets , although it had not come into force. The reduction of the electricity tariff will achieve a joint savings of around 100 million euros per year, of which 50 correspond to some 790 Basque companies, of the 1250 in total that benefit.

The restraso had its origin in that the Government understood that the agreement harmed the interests of the Catalan firms. The Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda submitted at the end of 2017 the allegations to defend against EU Competition. After knowing this pact, the Generalitat claimed a similar benefit for its industry. And since he did not get it, the Síndic de Greuges, the Catalan ombudsman, denounced this agreement on September 16, on the understanding that it meant State aid and that it left the Catalan industry at a disadvantage.

The rate changes were approved this past Friday in the Council of Ministers, but have come into force this week after its publication in the Official State Gazette. The agreement eliminated tariff 6.1.B and included tensions of 30 to 36 KV in tariff 6.2. The Platform KV25 / 30, formed by companies consuming high-voltage electricity throughout Spain, has today encrypted 1,250 companies in six autonomous communities that will benefit from the measure and will correct "an additional cost that has historically cost 100 million of euros year. "

The reduction of the rate was a historical vindication of the PNV, although it had to wait until the PP had a parliamentary situation of minority, in 2017 to start that agreement. The protest of the Generalitat and the subsequent opposition of Ciudadanos, which considered it a "privilege" for the PNV, delayed its application until the Government of Pedro Sánchez has signed the decree of application.

Of those 1,250 companies, the majority, 790, are in the Basque Country, 42 in Navarra, 33 in Castilla y León, 17 in Cantabria and 11 in Asturias. The rest are in Andalusia, a community in which there are 966 companies with tariffs of 30 and 25 KV, although those of group 30 are not quantified. However, the energy platform KV 25/30 has reminded that this decree "does not solve the problem in its entirety, since discrimination still persists for companies that are subject to the 25 KV tariff that exceed 4,500 and that are paying 250 million euros a year for being badly framed. "

According to their data, in Catalonia there are 3,277 companies with the tariff of 25 KV, in Extremadura 365, in Aragón 290, in Murcia 6 and in Castilla-La Mancha 3. The energy platform KV 25/30, of which the employers are part Alavesa SEA, the ASE Group, the Spanish Federation of Foundry Associations (FEAF), Environmental Protection Development, Metro Bilbao and Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona together with a hundred companies, expressed their "satisfaction" for the change in the tariff of 30 KV and has requested similar measures for the 25. In the Basque Country, from the Lehendakari Íñigo Urkullu to the Minister of Economic Development, Arantxa Tapia, have congratulated themselves for the application of the agreement.


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