The electric ones criticize with hardness the order that freezes the regulated part of the receipt of the light

The electric ones criticize with hardness the order that freezes the regulated part of the receipt of the light


The association of electricity companies Aelec has expressed today its criticism against the ministerial order published in the Official Gazette on electricity access tolls for 2019, that is, the regulated part of the electricity bill, which will remain frozen for the fifth consecutive year, « what supposes to take to the electrical system to a temporary mismatch », according to Aelec.

Regulated costs, which account for more than 40% of the bill, include transport, distribution, system deficits, premiums for renewable energies, extra-peninsular ones, etc … That is, everything that is foreign to the energy consumed by the client.

The approved order also contemplates the elimination of the regulation of the capacity availability service of capacity payments. It is a necessary service, aimed at maintain the facilities required to ensure the coverage of electrical demand tips and periods of low renewable production, so that supply is guaranteed at all times.

The suppression of this service is "Incomprehensible and does not comply with the provisions of current regulations", which recognizes that the market price is an insufficient signal to guarantee the coverage of the electricity supply. In this regard, Aelec believes that "it is not possible to cancel the current availability service until capacity mechanisms are defined and developed in accordance with European regulations and in line with all the countries in our environment, to maintain security in the supply of electric power ».

On the other hand, the approved text establishes that the remuneration of the distribution will be settled on account until the corresponding order is approved for 2019. "Therefore, the income from the electricity distribution activity remains provisional, which it means that the distribution companies are not receiving the compensation that corresponds to them for the investments made since 2015 ». He adds that these delays are also occurring in the approval of the investment plans of the distribution companies, so that, as of December 2018, these companies have not yet approved the investments to be undertaken in 2018 itself.

The association reminds that "the following should also be taken into account: crucial role that electricity distribution activity plays in the process of energy transitionin which we are immersed, since distribution is the key to making possible the electrification of society and the economy, without which it will not be possible to advance in decarbonisation ».


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