The electric delivery vehicle that cleans the air and saves lives | Innovation

The logistics in the cities entails a problem: to transport a lot of merchandise, a large vehicle is needed. On the contrary, small transports can not carry large loads. This failure in the urban areas was what inspired José María Gómez and the Passion Motorbike Factory team to create Scoobic, the invention that aims to turn logistics around. "Our theory is: design vehicles adapted to cities. They have to be smaller, they can park very well, they reach the pedestrian streets ... In short, that facilitate the work of the delivery", Explains Gómez.

At first glance, Scoobic It looks like a big motorbike, but inside you can transport up to 750 kilos in a space of 1,000 liters. The capacity of a van, but only 90 cm wide. It works with 10 lithium-ion batteries and has a range of 300 kilometers. This design has earned him several recognitions. He has won, among others, the prize for Best Practice in Sustainable Mobility delivered by the Renault Foundation. He is also finalist of the Mapfre Foundation Awards for social innovation.

Gómez confesses that Scoobic is also in the crosshairs of several companies, and may not take long to see their motorcycles circulating. The sooner it happens, the better for the graceful city. The motorcycle has an ion electrofilter that generates magnetic fields and stores the carbon particles. "In eight hours, each Scoobic can clean 20,000 cubic meters of air."

The bike also carries a defibrillator, why? "I lost my father and a brother because of a heart attack. Surely you have also lost someone. It is the first cause of mortality in Spain. " The company plans to launch a app free, in which the user notifies if a heart attack is present. The nearest motorbike will interrupt your cast and go to the call. "If it arrives in the first 10 minutes of a heart attack, it saves 75% of the cases. The shipment will be late, but it will save a life. "


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