February 25, 2021

The electric car, cheaper than the combustion car at three years

Says Luca de Meo, president of Seat, that the electric car can only be bought by the rich. Leading the group's Spanish company Volkswagen, De Meo has proposed to sell electric vehicles for less than 20,000 euros. For millions, not for millionaires, as he recently stated in an interview with LA RAZÓN. But not everyone agrees with the axiom that electric cars are expensive. In the medium and long term, today they can be cheaper than those of combustion depending on the kilometers traveled per day and without public support. This is what the former Minister of Industry, Miguel Sebastián. In a report entitled "The electrification of transport" and published by the ideas laboratory FedeaSebastián says that, traveling 100 kilometers per day on average, an electric vehicle is more profitable for the pocket than a gasoline one.

More kilometers, more savings

According to the assumption raised in the study, an electric vehicle that made these kilometers would reach 30,000 kilometers per year. With a reasonable assumption about the cost of electric power, it would have an annual energy cost of about 360 euros. To cover the same distance, a combustion car would pay about 3,240 euros a year, at a rate of 60 euros per week. «Assuming that the price differential between the electric vehicle and the combustion vehicle is about 9,000 euros, the“ break even ”would be reached in just three years and, from that horizon, the user has net income for having acquired the vehicle electrical ”, affirms the document. As the kilometers increase, the savings would multiply, so that if a vehicle travels 300 kilometers a day, "net savings start from day one," Sebastian adds. Although few cars travel distances of 300 kilometers a day beyond Taxis or rental vehicles with driver (VTC), the report highlights that there is a clear group that does it: urban delivery vans. Their estimates suggest that these vehicles travel more than 100 kilometers a day, approaching 200 in some cases. Assuming an average of 150 kilometers, the potential energy savings calculated by the report would be 2.4 billion euros, two tenths of GDP.

Fuel is not the only advantage of the electric car over the traditional combustion vehicle in terms of savings. Sebastian highlights that, in concept of parking, you can save up to 1,000 euros a year with an electric, which should be added circulation tax or registration, and the costs associated with restricting the traffic of polluting vehicles. In the report, the former Minister of Industry with José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero advocates pushing the energy transition from above. "Pretending that the market alone is going to make that transition is naive," he explains. In recent years, he notes, the growth of the electric vehicle market has been "ridiculous" except in those countries where, as in the case of Norway, there has been a "determined public initiative." In this Nordic country, half of the new vehicles registered are electric.

Sebastian believes that having set a 20 or 30 year transition period View is not only good, but necessary, and considers that the alarm among manufacturers, dealers or workshops is not justified. The Government came to include in its draft climate change law the ban on the registration of combustion cars since 2040, but then backtracked. The study adds that it is "ridiculous" to think that the measures imposed on demand in our country will be decisive for Spanish automobile production. Spain exports 85% of what it produces and "it is the measures that are imposed in other countries that will affect demand in our vehicles."

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