June 17, 2021

The electoral winks of Sánchez in the Budgets

The electoral winks of Sánchez in the Budgets

The expenditure to finance the close to 10 million pensions will grow by 6.2%, reaching 153,864 million euros, the highest endowment in history. Its weight over the total budget will go from 40.9% in 2018 to 42.1% this year.

The State gives 850 million to the Social Security
The Treasury will transfer 850 million euros to the system in order to meet the expenses. The main outlay corresponds to the general increase of 1.6% in pensions and 3% in the minimum.

Regulatory basis of the widow's pension
Widowhood pensions grow back. The regulatory base with which the amount is calculated scales up to 60%. It is not the first rise. Last August it increased from 52% to 56%, which meant an increase of 7.7% in the amount of the pension. The new increase will entail a similar increase of 7.1% in the list of beneficiary pensioners. The improvement, aimed at people over 65, will benefit almost 500,000 people.

Unemployed spending grows 4% to 18,402 million
 This year, spending on unemployment increased by 4% to 18,402 million euros. This increase occurs despite the Budget foresees that the unemployment rate falls to 14%. The situation is due to the fact that the Government

The subsidy for people over 52 years of age is paid and the individual income is considered instead of the family income within the requirements to access the benefit.

Paternity leave reaches eight weeks
Public accounts reflect the increase in the minimum wage by 22.3% to 900 euros per month and the extension of paternity leave, which goes from five to eight weeks. .

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