The electoral results force the change in the presidency of the ports of La Luz and Tenerife

The electoral results force the change in the presidency of the ports of La Luz and Tenerife

The electoral results of last Sunday and that open the door to a new political stage in the Canary Islands, before the foreseeable government agreement between the Canary Islands Coalition (CC) and the Popular Party (PP), they force the change in the presidency of the two Port Authorities of the Canary Islands, that of Las Palmas and that of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Presidents with a socialist stamp are in charge of both today -Luis Ibarra and Carlos González- and proposed by the 'pact of flowers', which will not be reissued in this legislature. Although the acting president and leader of the PSOE of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has indicated that he is going to try to reach an agreement to form a government Everything indicates that the Socialists will be left out of the next Executive, that PP and CC will form, with the support of ASG.

Distribution of ports by abbreviations

Although for the moment there are no specific names, everything indicates that the PP will keep the two Canary ports or, Las Palmas will be for the popular and Santa Cruz de Tenerife will be led by someone proposed by the nationalists, according to close sources.

What does seem clear is that Ibarra, who has been at the Port since 2011, will not survive the change of Government, as happened in 2016, when the breach of the pact between the CC and the PSOE and which led to the departure of the four socialist councilors of the Canary Islands Executive did not imply his departure. The nationalists, before the requests of the industralists that Ibarra continue in the Port, maintained it. Although, in 2018, CC did decide to leave after closing an agreement with the PP in Madrid and the Canary Islands, of support from the nationalists to the popular ones in the Congress of Deputies and from these to Clavijo in the Parliament of the Canary Islands.

So, for a year and a half it was Juan Jose Cardona the one who presided over the port of Las Palmas at the proposal of the PP; in Tenerife the chosen one was Pedro Suárez. until they came the 2019 elections and the 'pact of flowers' was forged. Ibarra returned to La Luz -after refusing to be vice president of the Cabildo due to his disagreements with Antonio Morales - and in the western province Carlos González was put in charge of the organization.

The sources consulted indicate that Ibarra's departure will be accompanied by that of the director, Francisco Trujillo, and that of José Rafael Díaz from Tiñerfwhich was placed by Ibarra two months ago and does not have the sympathy of either the CC, the party to which he belonged and from which he left in bad manners, or the PP.

Port entrepreneurs advocate change

After almost twelve years of Ibarra's presidency in the port of Las Palmas, many of the businessmen who supported and protected him during this time consider that his cycle is over. «A change is good and necessary. Ibarra has done things well but his stage is over. The only problem with which he comes now is that he will need an adaptation time and that always delays the issues, “indicate port sources.

Ibarra will leave the Port with four projects that are strategic and that right now are on 'stand by'. The most important of all, the great center of offshore wind. The contest for the plot was deserted and although it is expected that an offer will be presented in the coming months, it is currently stopped. The same fate has befallen the gas plant, which is operating in the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and the octopus farm, which, despite being a major and important project for the island, has been stagnant because of the rejection by environmental groups. The Sports Dock contest was also deserted a few months ago.

The departure of Ibarra will give a break to the port workers, since it will paralyze the change of organization chart that I had planned. and that it is not liked either inside or outside the organization because it means replacing managers with technicians and if it is undertaken, it will most likely end up being denounced in court.

Some businessmen dared yesterday to already put tasks to the incoming president replacing Ibarra, such as a better external promotion of the Port, the improvement of accesses, the drop in land prices and the activity rate and cutting the IBI, among others.