The electoral machinery is underway with the lists almost blank

Image of the electoral count at a table in 2019. / Juan Carlos Alonso

Noemí Santana, from Podemos, is the only woman candidate for the Presidency of the Government in the May elections

B. Hernandez

B. HERNANDEZ The Gran Canarian palms

Just five months from the
regional and municipal electionsthe parties already have
the electoral machinery at full capacitystill focused on
close the nominations.

Although in recent months the 'heads of the list' have been defined
no big surprisesthe different formations are now in the phase of weighing names, evaluating profiles and negotiating possibilities, especially when it comes to designating the 'number two' of their respective plates.

In the case of
big changes are not expecteds at the top of the candidacy for Parliament.
The regional leader and President of the Government, Ángel Víctor Torreswill lead the
regional list and in Gran Canaria the list would be led by Sebastián Franquisand the counselor
Elena Manezwhich would relegate
fourth place to the speaker in the Chamber,
Old German.

As for the
the sectors of Franquis and Augusto Hidalgo must be negotiatedthe second name could fall on Isabel Mena (related to Hidalgo) "although Franquis could choose to keep Guacimara Medina," they indicate.

With respect to
Town hall of the capital of Gran Canaria and taking into account the political weight of the candidate for mayor, the
Minister Carolina Dariasit will have practically
free hands to choose your team.

At the moment, the only people who seem to have secured their position are the
councilors Inmaculada Medina and Carmen Luz Vargas. In
Tenerifethe first place in Parliament will be in the hands of
No Ironwhich will accompany
Gustavo Matos.

Renewal in the PP

The PP has been drip-announced -according to the calendar set by Genoa- to the people who will lead their lists, and who present the
highest level of renewal respect to 2019.

As he
candidate for the Presidency, Manuel Domínguez; as to
Parliament for Tenerife, the journalist Rebeca Paniagua; o al
City Hall of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Jimena Delgadoappear for the first time applying for this position.

In the latter case, Domínguez has indicated that the candidate has "absolute freedom" to name the plate, although the party has already confirmed that
Pepa Luzardo will not repeatwhile
Ángel Sabroso "has a very high probability" of continuing in the City Council.

Who will repeat will be
Miguel Angel Poncewhich will accompany
Poli Suárez, to Parliament. also of
Gran Canaria will be the
'number two' of the regional listalthough the PP has not revealed if it will be Australia Navarro.

This formation has
pending to close candidacies and alliances in some municipalities. In San Bartolomé, although a priori there will be no problems to repeat the agreement with the Neighborhood Association, it has not yet been sealed, while the plates in Gáldar must be defined, where despite the difficulties they will go with their own acronyms, Santa Lucía, Agüimes and Valsequillo.

No 'number two' in CC

things are not clearer
Canarian Coalitionwhich does not yet have
"Not a 'number two'». The
regional list will lead her
candidate for the Presidency, Fernando Clavijoand who accompanies him will largely depend on the conformation of other candidacies.

Gran Canaria has already been chosen
90% of the applicants for city councils and they compete with their acronyms in almost all municipalities except in Mogán -they do so with Juntos por Mogán de Onalia Bueno, which could also attend the Cabildo-; San Mateo -with Avesan- or Santa Lucía -with Fortaleza- in exchange for support for the Cabildo and Parliament.

by closer is still the fate of
the former deputy of Cs, Vidina Espino. Neither she nor her party have defined her situation and she "formally she has not said what she wants nor has she joined." Since she left her Cs she is a 'collaborator' of CC.

NC continuity

The formation that
fewer changes introduces in their candidacies is
Roman Rodriguez will be the candidate for
Antonio Morales choose to repeat in the
Council of Gran Canaria y
Pedro Quevedo has been nominated as a candidate for
capital city hall.

In this institution, once retired
Javier Doreste, Podemos has the
Deputy Minister of Social Rights, Gemma Martínezwhile
Noemi Santana repeat at
Presidency, the only woman who opts for this position.

Preparation of the programs

In parallel to the conformation of the lists, the political parties are used in the drafting of their proposals in these first months of the year.
Canarian Coalition (CC) of Gran Canaria will celebrate
early March an insular convention with the objective of presenting its
program for the island

Faced with the «historical» practice, he indicates
the Gran Canaria leader and regional deputy, Pablo Rodríguezto prepare a project for Parliament and each of the councils, on this occasion they have chosen to develop
a plan for each of the islandsthat can be executed by the different administrations, either by the regional government or the island corporations, even by the town halls.

Along these lines, the nationalists have been working "for many months" to obtain a document that includes the needs and projects "that contribute to improving Gran Canaria and the people of Gran Canaria" and have held
numerous meetings with representatives of civil society on the island.

This process is expected to be completed
next day january 21 with a
meeting in which around a hundred collectives will be presentin which the final form will be given to the document that will serve as the basis for the electoral program of the Canary Islands Coalition for the next elections.

Also in the
popular partyr finalize the electoral program with which they will concur in the regional and municipal elections next May. The president of this formation in Gran Canaria, Miguel Jorge, assures that this document will be concluded
in the middle of Februarythe date on which the process of designation of the local candidacies will already be closed "and decisions will have been adopted that have to do with the
agreements and alliances» with those who will arrive on May 28.

The leader of Cs on the islands, Enrique Arriaga. / c7

200 militants from the islands participate in the Ciudadanos primaries

Around 200 Ciudadanos militants on the islands will be able to exercise their right to vote this week in the primaries from which the new executive will emerge, a process that generates more uncertainty about the future of this formation.

Although he rules out indicating which is the majority option among the Canarian affiliates, the coordinator of the party in the archipelago, Enrique Arriaga, joins the proposal headed by Adrián Vázquez and Patricia Guasp —supported by Inés Arrimadas—, against that of Edmundo Bal, because it bets on the territories as a base to cement the project, he says.

Once the new leadership is constituted, Cs will hold primaries to elect the candidate for the Presidency of the Canary Islands.

In the next legislature, the current deputy of the orange formation, Ricardo Fernández de la Puente, who has decided to return to the private sector, will not be in the first political line.