Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

The electoral debate to five, for the first time broadcast on Twitter

The Academy of Television Sciences and Arts has reached an alliance with Twitter Spain to offer through its official account (@academia_tv) the live broadcast of the signal tonight of the only debate of this campaign in which the five participate main aspirants to La Moncloa.

The electoral debate in which the candidates for the presidency of the Government will participate Pedro Sánchez, Pablo Casado, Albert Rivera, Pablo Iglesias and Santiago Abascal can be followed live from the official profile of the academy and through the label # ElDebate4N.

"Thanks to this agreement, the impact of the signal worldwide is multiplied for the first time in a debate of these characteristics," the institution chaired by the journalist María Casado underlines in a statement.

The Television Academy organizes this debate that will begin at ten o'clock at night and will be moderated by journalists Ana Blanco and Vicente Vallés.

It will be in the Crystal Pavilion of the Casa de Campo in Madrid, on a set of 300 square meters for a debate in whose realization and production will be 300 people. There are 700 accredited among media, guests and party teams.

The debates have become one of the most popular television content in the electoral processes, and in recent years it is one of the most commented events on Twitter, with record conversation volumes on the platform in Spain.

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