Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

The Electoral Board orders Torra to remove messages from his Twitter where he talks about "political prisoners" and "exile"

The Central Electoral Board (JEC) has issued a resolution tonight ordering the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, to remove "immediately" from his Twitter profile the messages referring to "political prisoners" and "exile" . The electoral judges consider that the president has violated the principle of "political neutrality that during the election period must be scrupulously respected ”when hanging tweets with these expressions.

Torra wrote a tweet where he said: "Exile and political prisoners demonstrate the inability to resolve the conflict with Catalonia in a democratic way and use the Catalan conflict to not talk about the great challenges of the XXI century and their inability to face them." For the Board, “references to exile, as a situation of political leaders who are fugitives from justice, or political prisoners, in relation to members of nationalist parties who have been convicted in the recent Supreme Court ruling, which it is repeatedly used by these political formations, they are included in their electoral program and used in the institutional profile of the Generalitat, they imply a partisan use contrary to the principle of political neutrality ”.

The resolution of the Board comes after the appeal filed by Citizens against Torra for their tweets

On the other hand, the electoral judges believe that Torra does not violate the electoral law by issuing “the message consisting in pointing out that the president will receive representatives from the cloisters of the Catalan universities on Thursday who will deliver the manifesto rejecting the convictions of the Catalan political prisoners " Although he adds "except for what refers to Catalan political prisoners."

The resolution of the Board occurs after the appeal brought by Citizens against Torra for his tweets. The electoral judges not only order the president to withdraw them, they also warn him to "refrain in the future from performing similar acts that involve partisan use of the presiding public institution." The JEC has not opened a file against Torra for these tweets as it did in the April campaign, when the president of the Generalitat refused to remove the yellow ties from the façade of the public buildings of the Catalan administration as ordered .

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