Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The Electoral Board forces the UAB to erase the independentistas graffiti

La Junta Electoral obliga a la UAB a borrar murales y pintadas independentistas

The Electoral Board Provincial of Barcelona oblige to the rector of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) to
delete "In the shortest possible time" murals and painted with "partisan symbols", like "the yellow tie and the stellar flag". It also refers to those "party sign" graffiti that can be identified with any of the candidatures presented for the general elections of the 28-A.

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The order, adopted with a particular vote against, responds to the appeal presented by the association 'S'ha Acabat! Joves for the defense of the Constitution against the agreement of the Electoral Board of the Sabadell Zone, which agreed not to oblige the UAB to erase the graffiti. In its resolution, the Board admits that although the graffiti has been done by "third parties without the authorization of the UAB", it is the university that must preserve the principle of neutrality and equality during the electoral period.

Independence symbols

The organ contradicts the JEZ of Sabadell, which did not consider forcing the UAB to erase graffiti

Among the graffiti denounced there is an image of the head of list of ERC in the 28-A, Oriol Junqueras, phrases like 'freedom political prisoners', 'only independence will make us free' or words like 'independence' or 'socialism'. The order to erase graffiti by the Electoral Board does not include those graffiti that are not related to the slogans or symbols used by the electoral candidates.

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