November 30, 2020

The Electoral Board files complaints against the deceptive campaign on Facebook to benefit the PP

The Electoral Board has decided to give a folder to the scandal related to the intoxication campaign which relied on Facebook to demobilize the vote on the left. The entity responsible for ensuring compliance with the Electoral Law has decided to file the complaints filed by More Country and for the Socialist Party.

The campaign denounced specifically requested abstention from the voters of the PSOE and United We can in the general elections of November 10. He uses two ways to deliver his message: on the one hand, thousands of posters that have appeared in recent days in the streets of neighborhoods that traditionally support leftist parties, placed in Madrid and several Andalusian cities. On the other, a campaign of paid ads on Facebook that have reached about two million users in less than five days.

More Country requested "the immediate cessation" of the same, as well as that the Electoral Board promoted the initiation of a criminal procedure against those responsible for that campaign, among which is one of the collaborators of one of the main paid gurus of the Popular Party The JEC has decided to ignore these requests, as confirmed by sources of the agency consulted by

The Electoral Board considers that it cannot sanction natural persons and detaches itself from the political formation of the maneuvers promoted by the team of one of its campaign advisors

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