The electoral battle for the Interinsular, in the justice – The Province

The electoral battle for the Interinsular, in the justice - The Province

The elections to the Interinsular Soccer Federation of Las Palmas (FIFLP) face the final straight. And they do it with a judicial crusade between the plates of Suárez and Navarro. Antonio Suárez defends his position, which he holds for the last three decades, and he does so as a clear favorite – in several sectors he is already given a virtual winner.

This Thursday the final day of the in-person vote is held at the seat of the federative body, at Ángel Guimerá street number 107. As described by the electoral calendar, it is about the 'Constitution of the polling stations and election of members to the assemblies of the inter-island federations' -from 5 pm to 8 pm-. Will it be the end of the controversial process?

The executive José Ramón Navarro, the alternative to Suárez, makes mention of the judicial decision of the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands, within the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the Second Section, which admits the denouncement of the opposition plaintiff. The letter refers to alleged irregularities in the vote by mail, which affects 900 voters, as well as the alteration of the operation of the electoral law. "They have made a suit measured," they say from the legal team of Navarro.

"The Inter-island Federation has a deadline of five days, which expires on Friday, to present and transfer the precise documentation When the magistrate has the different allegations in her power, she will have to study it." The electoral convocation may be canceled. At that point we are, "says candidate Navarro.

In the judicial brief it is detailed that 'urgently require the Canarian Football Federation so that within five days remit to this Court the complete administrative file and accompanied by the reports and data it deems appropriate, with the warning of how much establishes in Article 48 of the LJCA, and for immediate notification of the resolution ordering the referral of the file to all interested parties, summoning them so that they can appear as defendants before this Court within five days. '

In addition, it is specified that "against this resolution it is possible to file an appeal for reconsideration within a period of five days before this Lawyer of the Administration of Justice."


Navarro and his legal team decipher the figure of 900 voters who have resorted to the vote by mail, when it is only valid for cases "very specific as if you have an official match and you can not go to the school to vote, or have a certificate doctor Or you have claimed justice by urgent order. "

The recent amendments to the electoral law of the Inter-Island Football Federation raise the final percentage of referees to 20% in the voting. I used to have 12%. Clubs maintain 50% and players go from 30% to 15%. For their part, the coaches fall from 12% to 15% in the final result.

In functions and warlike climate

The elections affect the functioning of football in the province and have a significant importance in the formative stage. The groups of referees, players, managers and coaches are called to the polls. Suarez and Navarro have been said in recent months. The current president accused the applicant of "selling smoke (…) All kinds of messages are broadcast and siren songs are thrown in. Half truths have also been uttered, which are the worst and most vicious of the lies.

For his part, Navarro, who will only be eight years old – two mandates – criticizes the lack of transparency. "He has his private farm." And he throws a question: "Why do you go to the morning Rubiales act as a 'acting' position? If he shows up, he should have resigned beforehand, all for not leaving the chair."


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