March 2, 2021

The elections in Guyana were free and transparent, according to the Caribbean mission

The Electoral Observation Mission of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) said on Wednesday that the general elections last Monday in Guyana, whose results are not yet known, were “free, fair and transparent.”

The head of the mission, Cynthia Combie-Martyr, said that the people of Guyana “should be proud of themselves” and congratulated the Electoral Commission of Guyana (GECOM) and the citizens of the country “for the peaceful conduct in the elections” .

Guyana, a country in northwestern South America with one of the main oil reserves in the world, held last Monday general and regional elections, an event in which two games were played victory, against the background of the dispute with Venezuela for the region of Esequibo.

Combie-Martyr said today that the Observation Mission expects the results of the vote “to reflect the free expression of the will and aspirations of the people of Guyana, for a Government of their choice.”

In turn, he praised the behavior of voters and election officials and stressed that they were “efficient, experienced and professional.”

The two main formations of Guyana, An Association for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU + AFC) and the opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP), met at the polls after a forced call for elections.

The president and candidate of the coalition, David Granger, called the elections after the successful presentation of a motion of no confidence against him in December 2018 – with 33 votes in favor and 32 against – by the PPP, which had in these elections as an alternative to president Irfaan Ali.

The Caricom mission report noted “minor problems” in the elections that, according to Combie-Martyr, were identified and “mostly resolved”, and were not significant enough to “affect the overall outcome.”

He highlighted, in turn, a series of areas for improvement, the details of which will be part of the final report to Caricom.

Among them is the need for a more detailed visualization of the fingers and hands of voters to detect any visible sign of prior voting.

It also highlights their concern that electoral workers would be allowed to leave their respective centers to go to vote elsewhere.

Finally, he stressed that some votes were rejected as the ballots were folded incorrectly.

The Electoral Commission of Guyana on Tuesday attributed a number of factors, including bad weather in one of its regions, to the delay in the announcement of the preliminary results of the regional and general elections held on Monday.

The president of the GECOM, Claudette Singh, said yesterday at a press conference that the elections were held in a free, fair and credible way, in addition to being well organized.

“I ask that they be very patient. The results are coming and the verification process is carried out,” he said, after promising that they would be announced “as soon as possible,” but without giving a date.


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