June 17, 2021

The elections in Bara will be on March 20 and 21 – La Provincia

He FC Barcelona has announced the date for elections to the club presidency. the current board of directors has set March 20 and 21, 2021. The voting period lasts for two days (it is a weekend) to follow the preventive rules prescribed to ensure the health of the people dictated by the pandemic caused by covid-19. The dates chosen by the board coincide with the first of the week in which the electoral period established in the club’s bylaws begins.

The club also adopts other new features in addition to the extension of voting time: will not be held only in the Camp Nou, but different venues will be organized to encourage the participation of partners. A third innovation is that the option of voting by mail will be enabled.

However, the option of telematic voting is not contemplated. The proposal of Víctor Font, one of the few candidates who advanced their participation to succeed to Josep Maria Bartomeu, was overthrown by the last Assembly of Compromisarios.

The Assembly, October 25

The next assembly will be held on October 25. It coincides with Barça-Real Madrid. It matters little, because the attendance of members to the stadium will continue to be prohibited. It is unknown what limitations there will be if the event is held at the Palau Blaugrana, since it will depend on the health situation of Catalonia by then.

The Barça club foresees a hypothetical worsening of the announced second wave of infections and anticipates that it will postpone it “until the health security conditions are met that allow it to be held in person”, with what remains in the air a second call.

In that meeting, Bartomeu must submit to the approval of the partners the accounts for the year 2019-20 and the budget for the 2020-21 campaign. The pandemic it will cause a deficit that will approach a hundred million euros in losses despite the savings measures adopted.

The budget for this next one will be reduced by 30%. The previous one was set at 1,000 million, which will not be met due to the serious loss of income. Forecasts drop to 700 million.

The evil of Barça is common to all European clubs. Between all of them, they will stop collecting 4,000 million euros in two years; 575 million correspond, for example, to the losses of the television rights of the Champions League and the Europa League between the postponement of the competition and the reduction of matches.

A date with serious matters

The appointment is particularly delicate for Bartomeu for the scandals that occurred since the last appearance before the delegates, like the Barçagate plot, the controversial coaching change (Quique Setién did not improve the benefits of the dismissed Ernesto Valverde in January) and the no less controversial break that was caused with Leo Messi, who announced his desire to leave Barça and has not been able to do so due to the threat that the club that loved him would have to pay 700 million.

Messi, finally, he has stayed against his will. Not before describing Bartomeu as a liar for not keeping his word to facilitate his departure at the end of last season.

All these situations have led to several groups and platforms of Barcelona fans (Manifest Blaugrana, Seguiment FCB, Compromissaris FCB, Dignitat Blaugrana, El Cor Blaugrana, El Senyor Ramon, La Resistència del Palau and # Noiestwitterbarça) have undertaken a vote of no confidence against Bartomeu and his board that is underway.

The organizers announced, in the last count, that they had reached 7,500, slightly less than the 16,521 necessary (15% of the social mass) for it to prosper and vote in a referendum. The deadline ends on September 17.

Candidates for succession

Font (businessman, 47 years old) joined the initiative undertaken by Jordi Farré (engineer, 44 years old), which was a pre-candidate in 2015, although it did not pass the signature cut. Former president Joan Laporta has joined by providing his signature, but has not yet confirmed that he will be present. The businessman Lluís Fernandez Alà has also spoken.

It is expected, however, that once the election date is known, other partners will finish outlining their respective projects.

The former director Emili rousaud (businessman, 54) ceased to be the continuation option after his dismissal as a result of Barçagate. Another former director, Toni Freixa, a 51-year-old lawyer, and also a former director with Sandro Rosell, is considering trying again. The businessman Jordi Roche (46) has not yet come forward but it is known that he has the support of the former president. Another name that has sounded is that of the businessman Juan Rosell (63 years old).


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