July 27, 2021

The eldest son of Juana Rivas speaks for two hours with the judge in Italy

The eldest son of Juana Rivas speaks for two hours with the judge in Italy

The eldest of the two children of the Spanish Juana Rivas and his ex-partner, the Italian Francesco Arcuri, spoke today for about two hours with the judge who leads the civil process in Italy over the custody of both and explained the relationship that the minors have with His parents.

"I have a good feeling of tranquility, this is the result of our struggle," Juana Rivas told Efe when she left the courthouse where her 12-year-old son testified.

"We are going to go step by step, always with the law and waiting for the law to do its job," added Rivas.

The defense of Juana Rivas had been asking for a long time that the child was heard at the headquarters of the Court of Cagliari, where this process that began in November 2017 is being developed.

Legal sources explained to Efe that the child answered the questions that were asked about his day to day with the two parents and about alleged episodes of abuse that he had lived with Arcuri, reported by Rivas in 2009 and 2016 for sexist violence.

The two sons are currently living with the father in the Italian municipality of Carloforte, on the island of San Pietro, south of Sardinia.

The mayor appeared in audience for about two hours and did it alone, without the presence of either his parents or the lawyers of both, María Eugenia Álvarez, lawyer from Rivas, and Serlapo Bardi, from Arcuri.

The four of them waited for the boy to conclude his testimony and he answered the questions made by the judge handling the case and the substitute public prosecutor in Cagliari, Gaetano Portu, who was present on this occasion.

Now, the Italian Justice will have to evaluate the minor's testimony and make the pertinent observations to issue a ruling.

Arcuri, convicted in Spain in 2009 for mistreatment and denounced again in 2016, has provisional custody of the children since August 2017, when Rivas complied with the court order in Spain that forced her to deliver the children to her father, after remain for almost a month unaccounted for.

For these facts, Juana was sentenced in Spain to five years in prison, a ruling that has appealed before the Audiencia de Granada.


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