July 29, 2021

The Eibar hunting the Alavés | sports

The Eibar hunting the Alavés | sports

Accustomed to punishing his rivals in the time of discountThis time the Alavés was left with nothing in the 91st minute. A powerful header by Pape Diop in the first post emptied the spoils of the team of Abelardo, who during most of the morning session in Ipurua was ranked second in the standings. Eibar insisted a lot and resisted as much as possible the Vitoria team, in numerical inferiority a long stretch of the duel, exhibiting its elephant skin in the face of adversity. However, it was ten against ten when the Mendilibar team turned the score.

The clash did not miss anything: expulsions, injuries, the VAR deciding key actions and somewhat definitive in the prolongation. The game started with a change of routines. If until this day the Alavés had scratched seven of its 20 points in the final moments, in Eibar the eleven visitor altered their habits and started like a thunderbolt. At 20 seconds, Borja Bastón headed off a center from the right that was goal or almost goal. He stayed in the second. But in the fourth minute, Captain Manu García, the same one that left Madrid stunned in Mendizorroza in 95, touched almost imperceptibly a foul thrown by Jony to place the Vitorians ahead on the scoreboard. We had to resort to video arbitration, which saw nothing illegal. Again the Alavés had fished in its large fishing ground, the aerial game. It was his seventh as much so far this season. No squad of the major European leagues has produced more in this game luck. And again with an assist from Jony, the top passer from LaLiga with six.

However, the offensive production of the visitors was mutilated shortly after by a carousel of misfortunes and adversities in what remained of the first part. Duarte was expelled in the 23rd for tripping Jordán when he was facing Sivera, relieving the injured Pacheco. Churches Villanueva first whistled outside the area, then penalty guided by his linier and, after resorting to the multiple eyes of the VAR, again missing in the front. Orellana threw it and the ball left shaking the cross.

The expulsion forced Abelardo to remove a striker (Cane) to put a defender (Vigaray) and, five minutes later, Brasanac had to replace the injured Tomás Pina. Two required changes in a blink. Since then, no one took possession of Eibar, which was slowly but surely screwed to Alavés. At halftime, another ball came into the post after a great action by Rubén Peña's right. They had resisted until then without too much trouble the visitors, although the duel already gave signs of taking a road with no return.

The prize was found by Eibar in the second half, but not in numerical superiority. Within a quarter of an hour of the restart, Pablo de Blasis stamped Vigaray's ankle on the ankle in the middle of the field, in a place where nothing had been lost. The Argentine ended up in the shower and Mendilibar with an anger of aúpa. He was afraid that this episode would cut off with the deployment of his boys, however, ten against ten locals sang Gordo. First with a shot from Joan Jordán from the front after a good action of the newly admitted Cucurella, who waved his left mane in the anteroom of the tie. And then in '91, at that moment that seemed only destined for Alava, Diop rose with more strength and faith than all to hunt Abelardo, who are cut his streak of triumphs (three followed in the league) and also of fortune . During the week the Girona tied them in the 96 in the Cup and this Sunday they fell in the extension in Ipurua.

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