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The Celtic is in trouble again. He has returned to the streets after a summer dyed by the illusion of promoting the creation of a squad full of players who maintain an emotional bond with the club. "This goes from the heart," says the motto chosen by the entity as a guide for this campaign, but for now Celta lacks spirit. And something even worse: he lacks football that is supposed to be his wicker. All after weeks announcing great celestial feats. “You have to have your feet on the ground. This cure of humility suits us, ”Captain Hugo Mallo summed up in the end. His team collapsed before an opponent who also had to get up and did so in these last four days under the protection of his fortress in Ipurua.






Dmitrovic, Arbilla, Pablo De Blasis, José Ángel (Tejero, min. 45), Paulo Oliveira, Escalante, Edu Expósito, Sergio Álvarez, Inui, Orellana (Pedro León, min. 72) and Kike García (Charles, min. 76) .


Rubén Blanco, Hugo Mallo, Olaza, Néstor Araújo, Joseph Aidoo, Lobotka (Rafinha, min. 63), Denis Suárez, Brais (Gabriel Fernandez, min. 85), Okay Yokuslu (Pape Cheikh, min. 67), Aspas and Santi Mine.

1-0 min. 46: Edu Expósito. 2-0 min. 59: Orellana.

Juan Martínez Munuera

Arbilla (min. 18),
Sergio Álvarez (min. 92),
Orellana (min. 33) and
Olaza (min. 21).


The first two victories of the championship, against Sevilla first and are against Celta, lead Eibar to climb to the temperate zone of the classification. Their weapons are the usual, deployment, centers, pressure and become an uncomfortable team. Then the subtleties will come, like Edu Expósito on the first goal. As soon as the razor starts up, as soon as the incorporations adapt to the demands of its technician and the pace demanded by the category (the Eibar likes to fish in the Second Division) the cruising speed becomes sidereal for fluted equipment such as The Celtic

Éibar matured the game, went through a few minutes without rhythm, full of stops and disputes that prevented Celta from even sketching any chapter of the script that is supposed to be. Even in their worst minutes, the boys prepared by José Luis Mendilibar stalked, who, when everything falls, resort to the tremendous. A collection of centers in the area showed the cardboard of his rival. He was able to mark Kike García, who was the first forward and the first defender before asking for the change exhausted by his enormous effort. The Eibar arrived from the flanks, even with two almost consecutive corner kicks that Orellana played in a diabolical way and that Rubén Blanco prevented them from collapsing.

A guy capable of scoring two Olympic goals in two minutes is someone different. Orellana sowed panic among the celestial defense, who never managed to locate him. He was in both goals and in another that was canceled after technological consultation. He gave and scored. And above all, he brought variety to the Eibar attack, which became unpredictable in his hand. Just what a rival needed least in doubt. Because in Celta not only failed the defenders. The two midfielders were replaced when the storm began to tighten and in the lead was Hugo Mallo who pointed out, at the end of the game, that evil was lacking. Bad that they endured well in the first part before collapsing after the break. They were damaged by a combination with barely any space between Orellana and Expósito in which the midfielder signed Deportivo defined as a great, with an exquisite armed petroleum jelly on the edge of the small area.

The goal further flattened Celta, who disappeared from the game while his coach studied which hole to cover. When he wanted to cover the spinal cord he had already conceded two more goals. The first one was annulled by a previous hand that the referee must have seen among the shadows that were emitted by the television signal. There he had to glimpse something. But just put the ball in play Aidoo was stunned in his handling and succumbed to rival pressure. Orellana recalled, saving so many distances, to Maradona with Juan José at the Bernabéu, eighties of eighties. As Diego balanced the goal before uncorking the champagne.

The Celtic continued with a flat encephalogram. Rafinha left the field, also Pape. Fran Escribá kept Toro Fernández until minute 85, a detail that could allude to the distrust he has about the contribution of the forward who arrived to replace Maxi Gómez. And the usual miracle of Iago Aspas does not arrive this season. He has not marked the international striker so far in the League. He was able to do it in the last action of the match, a penalty he provoked and executed as Panenka, but at the hands of the goalkeeper. There, in the final rubric, the Celtic game was summarized. He has only won a match so far in the league, has not won five, is installed in the rear positions of the classification and, in an easy trigger environment, begins to discuss the continuity of his coach.

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