June 24, 2021

The EFE Agency validates the IPS certificate for sustainable management

The EFE Agency validates the IPS certificate for sustainable management

The president of the EFE Agency, Fernando Garea, today picked up the IPS certificate for sustainable management in the premium category, a seal of excellence that integrates the concepts of corporate, environmental and social responsibility and that Efe renews after overcoming two auditing processes.

Fernando Garea, who has collected the certificate from the Director General of Environment of the European Commission, Daniel Calleja, thanked the Institute for Sustainable Production (IPS) for assessing EFE's commitment to sustainability, because "we know that our Informative activity has an environmental impact, but we try to make it as small as possible. "

"Today we receive this certificate with which we try to improve, we know we have room for it and we are committed to doing it," said Garea, who recalled that EFE "has been specializing environmental journalists for years and we like to think, with a certain pride, that we have contributed to raise awareness ".

The president of the IPS, José Cabrera, has acknowledged that it is "the first time" that this distinction is granted to a media outlet, because EFE "opted for environmental journalism when no other media did it" and this made him "a reference of communication in terms of sustainability ".

The audits carried out in EFE at the end of November and beginning of December 2018 by IPS analyzed aspects of business management, environmental responsibility and social responsibility and appreciated a positive evolution in the parameters analyzed with respect to the previous certificate, granted in 2016.

Specifically, in the verification process, which is valid for two years, issues such as regulations and sustainable management, source of raw materials and resources, workers' rights, environmental impact, traceability or commercial practices were analyzed.

But in addition, the audits put in value the work that, for years, EFE has done in terms of information and environmental journalism, something that has been key with initiatives such as EFEverde.

For Daniel Calleja, it is a "great satisfaction and enthusiasm" to accompany the EFE Agency in recognition of its activity, "as it is every time a European company and in this case Spanish is qualified as sustainable".

"The work of the IPS to certify, support and recognize the efforts in favor of the sustainability, the environment and the circular economy of the economic actors is very important," said Calleja, for whom he handed over the diploma to the EFE Agency, a company "that has shown its commitment over the last few years", was something "doubly irresistible".

The director of EFEverde, Arturo Larena, thanked the work of all the professionals of the department, who "has spent ten years trying to innovate in journalism" and has asked that "not only EFE who pull the car in environmental information, but that all other media are incorporated into this work. "


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