The educational reform provides for a third year of Bachillerato for those who have failed subjects

The educational reform provides for a third year of Bachillerato for those who have failed subjects

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, explained today that the students of Ballicherato who pass "with some subject suspended" to the second year and enroll in others of that new course, if they do not approve all they would have a third year to finish. This is added to the proposal to grant the Baccalaureate degree to students with a failing, always at the discretion of the teachers.

Celaá, insisted on Wednesday that "the repetition does not solve the problems" and that the blueprint proposed by the Government to put an end to the most controversial points of the Lomce will contemplate measures to avoid educational abandonment, especially among the most vulnerable groups.

During his appearance in the Commission of Education and Vocational Training of the Congress of deputies, he pointed out that his intention is to leave the Baccalaureate in two years, but the students with pending subjects will continue with them the second of the courses thanks to "a more flexible system", "without the need to repeat".

He also explained to the deputies his controversial proposal to grant "in very special situations" the Bachelor's degree "with a pending subject". This, he stressed, would occur "exceptionally", and pointed out that it would be the teaching team that "can" decide the granting of the title for students who have passed all the subjects "except one", when it is considered "that has reached the objectives" .

Celaá has affirmed that barely 1 percent will reach the students who will do the two years of Bachillerato in three years because they have to complete failed subjects.

He has stressed it at the exit of the Education Commission of the Congress, where he has been asked about the possibility that exceptionally the students take a third year to complete their Bachillerato teachings and reach the corresponding title.

The objective, according to the minister, is that "Nobody is left behind and everyone gets to get the most out of their potential", that no person "get out of the system without a headline" because that is "condemning them to an unworthy job throughout their lives".

The preliminary draft of the Ministry to reform and repeal the Lomce seeks to "restrict the repetitions", clarified Celaá.

In the case of the Baccalaureate, one wants to "give the opportunity of a third year to complete the subjects of the two Bachillerato courses".

As Education has specified in a note, the Baccalaureate will become "more flexible".

It will remain two years, but students who have completed the first course with more than two failed subjects will not have to repeat the entire course, but only the pending subjects.

Also, if they meet the requirements that are established, they can enroll in any subject of the second year, as long as the pedagogical team considers it to be one of the suspensions, but they will not be able to register for the second full course.

Students who fail one or two subjects will be able to pass to the second year of Bachillerato and recover the pending, as is currently the case.

In Primary, the reform divides it into cycles and not into courses that could be repeated with the Lomce, and in Secondary it is allowed to obtain the title with a suspended subject.


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