May 27, 2020

The Ecuadorian Government Minister apologizes for the police action during a protest

The Minister of Government (Interior) of Ecuador, María Paula Romo, apologized this Wednesday at a press conference for the launch of tear gas grenades by the Police towards two universities and against the Agora of the House of Culture, in Quito, places that are considered "safe areas" for protesters protesting against the Executive.

"I already asked for information on the subject; in no way will it happen again," said the minister, who added: "I apologize, in no way this is admissible," since these areas are considered safe because they are the lodging of the thousands of indigenous protesters who arrived on Monday in the capital of the country.

On the other hand, the head of the interior reported that, to date, 86 police officers have been injured in clashes against protesters and that, on the civil side, about 360 citizens have had to receive medical assistance.

Regarding the number of deaths that have occurred these days, the minister insisted that "no person has lost his life due to a confrontation with the Police" and said they only have records of a protester who died run over in the province of Azuay , in the south of the country.

Romo did not rule on an incident in the San Roque sector, in downtown Quito, in which the Police confirmed that two young men fell from the top of a pedestrian bridge and that, according to the Ecumenical Commission on Human Rights ( Cedhu), one of them lost his life because he fled from the agents.

In addition, the minister warned that, since the beginning of the protests, there have been a total of 714 arrests, although she said that it is necessary to update all the data of detainees, injured and deceased because the data of this Wednesday should be incorporated.

In general terms, the general commander of the Police, Nelson Villegas, assured that all the personnel of the institution have been deployed throughout the national territory, which implies about 50,000 active personnel.

In addition, Romo specified that 24,000 members of the Armed Forces are deployed in support of the Police on the ground, which represents just over half of the total number of soldiers in the country.

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