September 19, 2020

The Ecuadorian ambassador to the United States resigns due to discrepancies on anti-narcotics flights

The ambassador of Ecuador in Washington, Francisco Carrión, resigned from the charge for discrepancies regarding the absence of a normative agreement on the anti-narcotics flights that since 2018 have made US military aircraft on national territory.

Carrión’s announcement also generated controversy over the version of the private secretary of the Presidency, Juan Sebastián Roldán, who announced that he had been the president of the Republic, Lenin Moreno, who had asked the ambassador to resign to strengthen trade ties with the US. .

Carrión, in a press release released through social networks, said that on Monday he had delivered his resignation letter to the Presidency, but surprisingly, a day later, a senior government official announced that, rather, he has It was Moreno who had asked him to resign.

“It is strange that I am requested to resign after submitting it,” Carrión added in the letter and added that he has been forced to explain the reason for his resignation.

He said that his resignation is due to his “disagreement with the program of air surveillance flights (with the US) that has been carried out on Ecuadorian territory since September 2018 (…) without the existence of an indispensable bilateral regulatory framework to date the execution of these operations “.

“Although the object is that of the fight against drug trafficking, to which I fully adhere, it is imperative that there be a binding agreement between the parties,” the resignation ambassador added.

This type of agreements, he clarified, seeks that “the parties establish obligations, rights and conditions of their execution, to preserve our territorial” sovereignty.

In addition, he added that his concern on the matter has already been transmitted to the Foreign Ministry in Quito “on several occasions”, but he regretted that, until now, the agreement “which, apparently,” has not yet been signed is still in process of negotiation “.

“This and no other is the reason that led me to resign,” Carrión added in his letter published on his Twitter account and replicated by various media.

On his side, the Presidency has informed that President Moreno has asked Carrión to resign and that he will inform on who will replace him in the diplomatic legation.

Roldán added, in statements to the press, that the new ambassador will have to “turn things around” with the United States, since it requires “a more fluid business relationship.”

In this regard, Carrión, in his statement, said that trade relations with the US “have never been more active and consistent” than during the period of his administration and highlighted as an example the multiple meetings for these purposes that have involved senior officials of the two countries

He highlighted as milestones the visits recently made to Ecuador by the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, and the Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo.


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