July 25, 2021

The ecosystem of Xiaomi reinforces its presence in Europe with a mobile for videogames | Technology

The ecosystem of Xiaomi reinforces its presence in Europe with a mobile for videogames | Technology

It is a fact that more and more people are using the mobile phone to play. With the proliferation of smartphones, Videogame producers have long since left behind the snake game and offer complex programs that can rival those developed for consoles and computers. So, it's not surprising that it's the platform that grows the most in the video game industry, a business that could reach 100 billion of dollars in 2021. Almost double what it billed last year.

At this juncture, mobile manufacturers have seen business opportunity and have begun to design terminals with video game lovers in mind. China wants to take the lead, and for good reason: 577 million of its inhabitants play in the mobile. To enjoy the experience, they need devices that combine a very powerful 'hardware' with a 'software' designed so that all available resources are dedicated to the game. Fortunately for them, this year they have at their reach the most extensive catalog of models.

The Chinese Xiaomi has not wanted to be left behind and today redoubles its commitment to the European market with the launch of the subsidiary company dedicated to phones for 'gamers': Black Shark. "We believe that video games for mobile platforms have great potential, but they have been weighed down by uninspired devices. The perfect mobile to play is not the one that has the hardware more powerful, but the one that adds that power to innovation, a refined design, a software polished, and a service focused on the gaming experience, "explains the company.

A screaming mobile

His proposal is a mobile with a peculiar design, striking and quite garish. It has a metallic body in different textures and with angles in the shape of an R that improve ergonomics and allow to hold the device with strength and comfort. There are bright green lines on the back cover and, in the best tradition of the futuristic keyboards that gamers like so much, a logo lights up when the Black Shark is charging and when the game mode is activated.

In addition, the device includes a Bluetooth command that can be attached to one end of the mobile and that transforms it almost into a video game console. "We have faced a dilemma, because physical controls are better for movement but the touch screen provides more precision when shooting, for example. So we have decided to include both, "explains the company.

How could it be otherwise, the Black Shark includes power to spare: the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, king of the high range this year, comes with 8 GB of RAM, more even than many computers. But here, the X-shaped antenna improves the reception of the -vital signal when playing online-, the Adreno 630 graphics card -that processes the images independently-, the stereo speakers with sound like to mount a nightclub, and the generous 4000 mAh battery. that promises a whole day of intensive use.

Liquid cooling system

In addition, Black Shark has pioneered the adoption of a technology that will increasingly be used in other terminals: the liquid cooling system. This circuit that covers the processor avoids that it overheats and that, due to the high temperatures, it can not perform to the maximum when the telephone requires it. Video games consume a lot of energy and can overheat the terminal when they are active continuously, but this type of refrigeration is, according to the company, 20 times more effective than the rest. That translates into a temperature up to eight degrees lower than that of other gaming mobiles.

Among the other technical specifications highlights the 5.99-inch screen and FHD resolution, which offers a superior experience thanks to the chip designed by Pixelworks to process the images, so that they gain in brightness and contrast without involving a heavy burden to the useful life of the battery.

And, as it could not be otherwise, the operating system -based on Android- has options specially designed for game lovers. The most striking is the top menu that can be activated quickly while in game mode to instantly access the most required functions: prevent incoming calls, enable the Bluetooth command, disable the on-screen keyboard, or activate the night mode to protect the view.

Although the main objective of the Black Shark is to act as a video game console, the company has not forgotten that one of the most important elements of any mobile is in its cameras. Undoubtedly, the Black Shark are far from the best on the market and lack key elements such as the optical stabilizer, but promise decent results: the mobile is equipped with a main camera with two very bright lenses -f 1.75- paired with sensors 12 and 20 megapixels, and the camera 'selfi' takes images of 20 megapixels.

In what the Black Shark does not differ much from its competitors is in the dimensions. The brand affirms that "it is not a brick", but neither does it show a slender body. It has a thickness of 9.25 mm – in comparison, the iPhone XS Max stays at 7.7 -, and weighs 190 grams -13 more than the iPhone XS-. Yes, it is lighter than the Razer Phone 2, the reference mobile gamer weighing 220 grams, and has thinner frames on the screen.

In any case, and how could it be otherwise in a device Xiaomi ecosystem, the main attraction of the Black Shark is in its price: 499 euros for the version with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, and 549 euros in the configuration that mounts 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. The terminal is put on sale today on the website of the brand, that, in an attempt to fight against the pages of parallel import, announces that it will only offer the two years of guarantee of rigor to the mobiles acquired of official way.


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