The Econy makes history and gets into the Champions Quarters - La Provincia

Unparalleled milestone that has achieved the BSR ACE Gran Canaria (Econy) by winning his last two matches of the preliminary phase of the Champions League and add a total of seven points with which to qualify for the first time in its history for quarterfinals of the continental tournament.

Now the island group will be part of the group of the eight best teams in Europe that dispute the final phase of the Champions, which will be held in March in the cities of Madrid and Elxleben, in Germany.

After starting the previous phase on Friday with a victory and a defeat, the island team added two victories on Saturday. The first before him Galatasaray by 72-59, a club that has five European twisted; while in the afternoon left in the gutter at Dellorto Briantea84 Italian Cantu for a blunt 45-76 and he managed to remove in this way the thorn they had with the transalpine club, with which they had their two precedents for defeats.

Since they debuted in European competitions in 1999, Econy was looking for this feat, but he was resisting and had to settle for other milestones like the one reached in 2007 with the Euroleague title2 and the runner-up in 2004 of the Euroleague one.


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