August 9, 2020

The ECHR has said that it acts within the law with returns

The Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Pérez, said Friday that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has “recognized” that the Spanish State “was acting within the law” with immigrant returns.

Pérez, who has chaired the second Plenary Irregular Immigration Meeting in Malaga, has pointed out to journalists’ questions that, “with a magistrate at the head of the Ministry of Interior and another in the Secretariat of State for Security,” they absolutely respect the decisions of all courts, obviously including the ECHR. “

He pointed out that, rather than hot returns, he prefers to talk about “border rejections”, because it is “technically more correct”, and recalled that when the modification of this procedure was raised in the previous legislature, Interior “expressed its position of wait for what the ECHR said to set a framework for action. “

Although it has not yet been able to “study in depth” the Strasbourg ruling, it “in any case determines a framework to proceed legislatively, and above all to be able to make a legislative amendment in the European framework.”

“It is the message that we have launched from the beginning from the Ministry of the Interior in the working groups and in the meetings in relation to migration, which is a challenge that has come to stay and that should not be faced by the States individually, but as a whole, “he added.

In this regard, he stressed that “the borders of southern Spain, of the Canary Islands, are not Spanish borders, they are European,” and has encouraged “take the opportunity of the sentence to, once it has been studied, see if it is translated in legislative modifications. “

He also pointed out that “the scope of study of this judgment is a very specific assumption, of cases in which the violation of the boundaries of European borders is carried out aggressively and violently”, so it does not speak “of other means of entry to the European territory “.

Pérez has stressed “the good behavior of the agents of the Civil Guard and the National Police Corps” and has assured that, “if with a new regulation you can go further and also guarantee the protection of the agents, it will be done”.

The Secretary of State “understands” the position that non-governmental organizations may have on the sentence, but has insisted that the ECHR decision recognizes that “no right has been violated, that Spain has acted within the law and that the The behavior of the agents of the Civil Guard and the National Police Corps has been within the law “.

On the other hand, regarding the Malaga meeting, he explained that “an assessment of the activity of the coordinating authority that was established in 2018 has been made to seek the coordination of administrations involved in the migration issue.”

“The fight against irregular immigration is done to try to open legal and regulated immigration routes and avoid, as has been achieved by reducing the numbers, deaths in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic,” said Pérez.

He stressed that in 2019 immigrant arrivals have decreased by around 50 percent compared to 2018 thanks to the “joint work of all the administrations involved” and the “search for involvement, not only internally, but of the States of the EU and, above all, the countries of origin and transit where immigrants come from. “

“Direct contact with countries of origin and transit and clear messages to EU countries have had a lot to do with this reduction,” Pérez insisted.


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