The ECB invites citizens to comment on the revision of its strategy

The European Central Bank (ECB) invites citizens of the euro area to submit ideas and comments on its website on how the entity applies its monetary policy and the review it will carry out of its strategy.

The ECB informed today that it will hold an event called "The ECB listens to you", aimed at civil society and will take place in Brussels on March 26.

"Other Eurosystem events dedicated to listening to the public organized by the national central banks of each country will also be held," adds the monetary entity.

The ECB has created on its website a section dedicated to this project to explain the review process and offer citizens an online form in which they can submit their proposals and comments in the languages ​​of the euro area.

The ECB began its strategy review on January 23 in order to solicit ideas and comments from the widest possible audience and better understand how other factors such as financial stability, employment and environmental sustainability can be relevant in fulfilling its mandate.

To this end, the ECB invites civil society organizations to a series of Eurosystem events dedicated to listening to the public, the first of which will take place on March 26 in Brussels and will be chaired by ECB President Christine Lagarde.

"We want to hear the opinions, expectations and concerns of the public in an open spirit," Lagarde said.

"Representatives of a broad spectrum of regional organizations and consumers, as well as social agents, will have the opportunity to share their views on the policies of the ECB," according to the entity.

The ECB will also hold events to listen to representatives of the academic world, which will begin with the conference called "ECB and its Watchers", which will take place in Frankfurt on March 24.

It will also listen to participants in the financial sector and maintain its ongoing dialogue with the European Parliament.


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