July 25, 2021

The Ebola outbreak in the northeast of DR Congo adds 167 probable cases

The Ebola outbreak in the northeast of DR Congo adds 167 probable cases

The Ebola outbreak, which has been affecting the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) for more than two months, now has 167 cases, of which 135 are laboratory positive and 32 are "probable" because they were not possible. obtain samples to analyze, according to health sources.

In total, those killed by this epidemic amount to 106 (74 of them are confirmed infections in the laboratory), while another 48 people have managed to cure themselves of the disease.

In addition, the Congolese authorities are studying another 13 suspected cases, according to the latest situation report released by the Ministry of Health of the DRC, with data updated until October 5.

Although the increase in cases and deaths is slow, the response to the outbreak remains a challenge due to the dangerous nature of the disease, the context of insecurity – it is a conflict area where dozens of armed groups are operating – and the rejection of some communities receive treatment

Some 14,300 people have already been vaccinated since the campaign began with an experimental treatment on August 8.

This is the second outbreak declared in 2018 in the DRC and is already the most serious in the last decade in that country

Its appearance was confirmed only eight days after the Minister of Health, Oly Ilunga, proclaimed the end of the previous epidemic, located in the province of Ecuador (northwest).

The Ebola virus is transmitted through direct contact with blood and contaminated body fluids, transmits hemorrhagic fever and can reach a mortality rate of 90% if it is not treated in time.


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