March 4, 2021

The EBAU of July starts this Wednesday – The Province

The Baccalaureate Assessment for Access to the University (EBAU) test in July starts on Wednesday, July 3, in the province of Las Palmas with the participation of more than 800 students, reported the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) through a statement.

The tests will run until Friday, July 5, and will take place in several centers. At 9 o'clock in the morning of Wednesday, students must present themselves in their exam center provided with DNI and receipt of registration. The first tests will be of Castilian language and Literature, and Language and will be held in the morning and afternoon.

Of the 856 students, 703 are examined in the general phase and the rest of the option phase, generally to increase grades or training cycles. Of the general phase, 90 is examined in Lanzarote, 64 in Fuerteventura, 119 in Vecindario, 55 in Guía, 53 in Telde and 322 in the Tafira Campus (Architecture and Electronics and Telecommunications Buildings). On this occasion, 18 students from the Arts Branch, 327 from the Sciences, 231 from the Social Sciences and 127 from the Humanities will be examined.

The provisional ratings will be published on the ULPGC website 'For you' on Thursday, July 11, the digitally signed report card will also be sent by email to the students and their centers. The claims period will be from July 12 to July 16 (until 12 noon) and the procedure will be carried out online, through the online notes consultation application. The final qualifications are published on July 19.

Last July 2018, 72.79 percent of the students passed the tests of the Baccalaureate Assessment for Access to the University – EBAU at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. A total of 848 students were tested, of which 746 participate in the general phase, and 102 only in the option phase. The option phase is only for uploading a note.

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