The earthquakes registered since midnight on La Palma are reduced to twelve

The National Geographic Institute (IGN) has located since last midnight and until 08.17 hours about twelve earthquakes in La Palma, registering the highest magnitude of 3.4 in Fuencaliente at 01.23 hours already a depth of 26 kms.

In this sense, the latest report of the National Security Directorate (DSN) related to him La Palma volcano points out that in what refers to intermediate and deep seismicity there has been a decrease in the last day.

Likewise, the eruptive activity continues to be concentrated on the northeast flank where the accumulation of pyroclasts has led to the formation of a cone with strombolian and effusive activity that emits lava flows.

Right now, the main lava supply runs through the central area and the area affected by the eruption amounts to 1,144 hectares and 70 kilometers.

Air quality remains at good or fair levels in all stations on the island except in Los Llanos de Aridane, where it is unfavorable.

On the other hand, the Cabildo of La Palma It has reported that today, December 4, access by the southern zone will not be allowed for residents and irrigators, neither by sea nor by land. Neighbors in the north will not be able to access either. These restrictions may vary according to weather conditions and the evolution of the eruptive process. The institution insists that it is important to find out about the evolution of the volcano and the established measures related to the eruption through official sources.

Christmas light to remember the devastated towns

Three columns of light located on Montaña Tenisca Of the municipality of The Plains of Aridane They will remember during Christmas the neighborhoods of Las Manchas, Todoque and La Laguna, nuclei affected by the lava of the volcano from Old Summit, on La Palma.

As reported by the Palma City Council, given the proximity of the dates it has felt the obligation to contributing to a Christmas atmosphere thinking of the little ones and as an instrument of commercial dynamization, so it proceeded on Friday night to turn on the Christmas lighting.

Although there has not been a formal act for the lighting as usual, the Department of Fiestas has carried out a symbolic gesture that has united the light and the closeness with the people who have been most affected by the eruption.

Lighting in the Montaña de Tenisca to remember the neighborhoods affected by the La Palma volcano. Jonatan Rodriguez

In this regard, the mayor of Los Llanos, Noelia Garcia, has considered that “these columns of light are a recognition to the residents of the three neighborhoods and a sign that we feel close and that we continue and will continue to be a united people.”

For its part, in the decoration of the streets, the Department has opted for the most efficient lighting systems in reducing energy expenditure and for decorations that have been made by the Party team itself from elements of previous years and materials reused.

Donations for a thousand families

The Cabildo of La Palma has already delivered the donations received from a thousand families affected by the volcano and, in addition, it safeguards the belongings collected by some 250 families who have lost their homes.

In a statement, the Minister of Economic Promotion and head of Sodepal, Rachel Diaz, has thanked the effort, involvement and responsibility of each and every one of the hundreds of workers and volunteers who have actively collaborated in the management of the ships enabled to receive the donations destined to those affected by the volcano, as well as the belongings of the affected families.

Thus, the public company Sodepal assumed the management of these spaces, located in the Business Center of La Palma, putting in charge technical personnel who designed and applied a logistics management protocol that has allowed to safeguard each of the deliveries, with identification both donors, owners and families served from the first week of the eruption.

In this way, more than 250 families today keep their belongings in the center. These are family nuclei that lost their homes, rescuing everything they could before the lava swept away their homes, or that, in the best of cases, have had to evacuate their homes in the exclusion zone due to the real possibility that will be affected.

In addition to private belongings, tons of products have been delivered to a thousand families, as well as to different entities and points of attention to those affected, of tons of products coming not only from each and every one of the islands, but also from different points of the peninsula and even several European countries, “in an unprecedented flood of solidarity.”


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